About the Writer

Anais Torres (1988) was born in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up as a Latina on the northwest side of Chicago. At the age of twelve she began online publishing as a fan fiction writer. While attending Kelvyn Park High School she participated in the Youth Service Projects, which helped her become a published poet and spoken word artist at the age of seventeen. In 2010 she graduated from Lake Forest College. In 2012 Anais began working on her website, Behind the Pages, a detailed blog of her journey through her career and writing experiences. She plans to keep self-publishing.

Behind the Pages is a blog about my life as a writer. A headquarters for all things going on in my world of writing. I blog about my personal life, fan-fiction, poetry, short stories, writing habits and all the things that made me the way I am today.   


I am a self-published author, someone very big on the DIY lifestyle. I work on all my own ideas. I write, edit, design my own cover work, publish, and advertise. My youngest sister Victoria is my Chief Editor, everything I do goes by her for approval and after her, it goes by my cousin Noemi Rivera, my copy editor. Part of being a good creator is surrounding yourself with the right kind of people who support your dreams and want to see you succeed.


When I'm not running my website, working on my blog, writing, or editing I like to read, cook, and work on my craft projects. I'm a constant thinker and possibly the modern wonder woman, but I'm not one to brag. I just let my accomplishments speak for themselves. 


Jamie & Anais Kiczula 
Chicago, IL


Meet Ollie


Meet The Team

Victoria Torres


From cover to cover, Victoria heads the entire publication process. Approving front and back covers, format designs and material.

Noemi Rivera

Copy Editor

As copy editor, Noemi goes through the enitre publication and corrects it for spelling, grammar, punctuation and formats them to our "house style."

Jamie  Kiczula 

Whether he's fact checking, listening to parts read out loud or eatting a bowl of cereal in the same room while brainstorming, Jamie contributes to the material.



© 2014 by Anais Torres. 

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