My works in Progress 

I assure you that there is a method to the madness. For me in Progress means that it could be years before these projects are done. Could be never. Could be next year.  The important thing is that progress is being made...

You Wouldn't Understand

My fourth book is an homage to an earlier Fan Fiction called Not The Classic Fairy Tale. In this story, our female lead has an eating disorder and she learning how to cope with life one meal at a time. 

Eating disorders don’t just change the way you think about food. They change the way you think about every single thing. Everything. While working on this project I want to explore the world of  Bulimia Nervosa in a high school setting. I want branch out and show how something like this not only effects those struggling with it but the those that surround them as well.  

This eating disorder is characterized by repeated binge eating followed by behaviors that compensate for the overeating, such as forced vomiting, excessive exercise, or extreme use of laxatives or diuretics. Men and women who suffer with Bulimia may fear weight gain and feel severely unhappy with their body size and shape. The binge-eating and purging cycle is typically done in secret, creating feelings of shame, guilt, and lack of control. Bulimia can have injuring effects, such as gastrointestinal problems, severe hydration, and heart difficulties resulting from an electrolyte imbalance.

The Trouble with Rock Stars

Gabriella didn't plan on falling in love with her best friend's older brother. She planned on living a sensible life with her High School sweetheart and possibly running her own practice by the time she was thirty. 


But once she’s back home and living in her childhood bedroom she begins reevaluating just how much she wanted that sensible life. It also doesn’t help that she keeps running into her old crush—next-door-neighbor-turned-country rock star—Troy Bolton, followed by a few nights of drunken walks down memory lane and deep conversations.


Troy has been all over the world, but Gabriella has never been far from his thoughts. So, when they had the chance to catch up over a few drinks, he doesn’t hesitate. Of course, he also didn't expect that there would ever be a possibility that he’d get a second chance. After all, the day he comes stumbling back into town there’s a happily engaged banner on the house next door.

Now that Troy knows he has a second chance he doesn't plan on losing Gabriella again. He proposes they go on a date. Or rather, a few. If they can make this work, he stays. If not …


Being Ollie's Momma 

How do any of us survive motherhood without our village? The terrible twos, angsty preteen years, and downright disruptive teens… so many things to look forward to. I’m going to need people to tell me I will survive. I’m going to need a bottle of wine in the fridge and a fresh supply of coffee.

I promise, I won’t be a much of a mommy blogger but every once in a while you might see a story for all the world to read, giving you reasons to laugh, cry, and get up to parent another day.


© 2014 by Anais Torres. 

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