My Inner Wonder Woman Is Hungry.

May 24, 2013

So I’m on this new diet. I call it “I’m -$355.92 till next Friday.” Don’t worry I’m a fat girl so I can afford to skip a meal or two. Actually I’m pretty sure with all my insignificant fund fees I’ve brought J.P. Morgan’s kids their first car at least. Currently I’m working things out with my student loans trying to consolidate them. It’s … a very long process. According to my budget plans I’ll finally make enough money to eat after … December 15th, 2013. It’s going to be a long year folks.


Option A: My book makes millions and becomes a national top seller, where I’ll end up getting a movie deal and have enough to get rid of my entire bucket of loan debit! I’ll pay off my car, get a new dog and live happily ever after.


Option B (aka reality): I’m going to be mooching off my family a lot this year. That’s the great thing about large families, there always a birthday, graduation, get together, or event of some kind.  This is where all the free meals come in... along with … wait for it…  LEFT OVERS! 


In all seriousness money maybe tight but we’re not that bad. There is food in my kitchen and I can put a dinner on the table nightly. Might not be able to eat anything else all day but at least there is a meal a day in the budget plan.


All that money crap aside, I do feel really lucky to have what I do. I’m living with my best friend, the man who I will marry one day. There is no other option, I’ve told him there are two ways out of this relationship: Dick-less or lifeless. We’re keeping a roof over our heads, we both have reliable cars, we love our families, they support and help us out no matter what, and we’re both (knock on some holy wood) employed.  I love my job! It’s not stressful, close to home, and the hours allow me to do so much more with my time.


I love where my life is right now it’s exciting. Good relationship, good family relationship, my parents aren’t being dicks at the moment, and I comfortable with who I am as a person. In fact that’s why this blog is so … challenging, because I know I want to be honest with you guys and I want to keep it in a fun place. There is a lot of darkness I don’t want to get into but I know that darkness is going to spill out a little bit.


Truth is I’ve had an amazing life this far, despite all the bad, I think I’ve been really lucky with all the good. Despite everything that may happen or the stories we probably will get into I just want to say it. I love my parents. Mom and Dad gave me my life, they shaped the way I think and they taught me so much. There is absolutely no way I could ever repay them.


That said this is my outlet, I’ll use it as such. Writing is a big and by that I mean HUGE part of my life. I probably write anywhere from 2 to 5 hours a day and people are always asking me: What are you working on? What are you writing? Do you still write? What ever happen to your writing?  Well this is it. This is my secret life, my wonder woman persona if you will. 


If you’re still reading … I commend you.


Channeling the great Kevin Smith here: “Welcome to my blog, put a dick in your mouth!”


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