Is The Happily Ever After Part ... Boring?

June 13, 2013

So I did the unthinkable.  I downloaded all 620 songs from glee. Now before you get all “Oh my god” on me, lots of the songs are duplicated and I know now that I need to go into my iPod and get rid of like half of that. I’m not a big fan of the show but for some reason the music is really good. I like their different style and take on some popular pieces of music. I’d even say that their versions are often better than the original. If anything it’s creative.


Locked and loaded with all this show tune music, I have been on a writing spree. So far just this week I’ve been working on Getting Rid of Steven Rodgers for at least 4 hours a day.  It’s crazy what happens when you just get an idea and let yourself run with it.  I at least now have an idea about how I will be getting rid of the Steven character, yeah I know, I should have known the answer to that when I titled it right?  Hey, I never said I was a pro.


My readers seem to be enjoying the story, last week one of my readers asked if Troy and Gabriella would actually be together for a while so they could read fluff.  Let me just ask, what is the point to that? I mean I get that I should show my characters together and give you an idea that they actually are meant for one another, I understand that. I think I’ve done that pretty well already. What I don’t understand is what do you want me to do once the plot is solved? Take them on a picnic and write three pages on all the pretty rainbows, flowers and cheesy kisses?? Not saying that Disney is genius for this one but there is a reason things end in happily ever after!


I mean come on do you really want to read about the morning after Cinderella and The Prince ride off into the sunset? Do you really want to sit there and watch two people on their honey moon hump like bunnies and get urinary tract infections? Peeing before and after sex is very important folks! And think about it no one ever tell you that story on television these days so it would all sunshine and daisies. Let’s just all sit here and think about the dialogue for a moment.




“Honey could you pass me the toast?” Cinderella asked The Prince as she watched him read the paper.


“Yes dear,” he responded as lowered the paper and then reached over and handed her the plate of toast, “How did you sleep my love?”


“It was wonderful darling, and you?”


“It was enchanting.”


Cinderella takes the toast and puts two pieces of toast on her plate and begins to nimble on one of the pieces as she looks up at the chandelier, “Darling?”


“Yes dear,” The Prince pulls is paper down to look over at his new bride. 


“Do you have to read at the table?”


“What would you like to talk about?” he asked as he closed the paper and folded it up, neatly placing it off to the side as he looked up as his wife. The couple sits in silence for a moment as they stare at all the food in front of them.  


“I don’t know,” Cinderella said staring at him blankly.


End scene.

Nothing fucking happens after happily ever after worth talking about. However I can full get behind the after the happily ever after if we take that shit five year later and show the same scene as Cinderella walks in scratching her ass and burping, while the prince sits there with his ball sack hanging out of boxers as he eats cereal. That’s the story people want to see and because it’s Disney that’s the story you’ll never fucking see. So i guess the answer is it depends what you do with the ever after that makes it worth it or not?


Taking this back to a happier place before I began ranting about the morning after, I might actually bring my book it back into action a week early. I think the break from it has been good I know I said two weeks but I’m already itching to get my hands on this one part where my bad guy Greg breaks up our happy couple and destroys a perfectly good day at the beach. Taking a step away can really help put thing in perspective. It’s like shaking off all of that bad juju and slipping into a cozy sweater or sexy summer dress. It’s refreshing.


Plus I want the 2nd draft to be over with already, my sister is itching to read it and I want to get it to her before she goes back to college. That said I’m going back to work. 


It’s been good, Rock on and fuck harder!

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