The God of Culinary

June 21, 2013

An explosion of green erupted into her face
“fucking whore”
The sound of spinning tires fading into the deep night
And I stand in the darkness
A god in the world of culinary arts
She’s exquisite
Such calves would make any man drool
She is the youth tossed out by American society
But I will teach society to appreciate her
Wordless, quick , and with every intention of inflicted pain
My hands wrap around her neck
The warmth of her body hung over my shoulder
Unsuspecting of the gift she will be to the world
I am an artist born to make the world tasteful
The soothing sound of chanted melodies play from the radio as I bath her
Her tears running down her cheeks as I tie her to my canvas
She begged for her life as I sliced the skin
The blood is easy to contain
Running its course to the sewer drain
The walls splattered in stories of art and beauty produced in this room
The pain endured by those who relinquish their lives
The blade reflected on her flawless skin
She will be the dinner under the candle light of a romantic dinner
Her beauty will contribute to the moments of anniversaries and family dinning
She is tasteful , warm and bitter sweet
Like licking the spoon after baking the innocents of a desserts
I will celebrate her youth with bright colors of tomatoes and greenery
I am god I will alter the reality of all that is placed on the plate of nutrients
And before my eyes in a room, already waiting is a young child
A girl who I found, another throw away perfection
Covered in rags and dirt
A victim of the homeless
Urinating into a tin bucket



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