Story Plots and Pep Talks

July 16, 2013

Talk about sticking a foot in my own mouth, how on earth am I going to get rid of Steven Rodgers! In my story this kid is awful, plan rotten, the pits. I mean what do you do to a rich little suburban boy who is a spoiled brat?  Let’s consider my current options:


  • Troy beats the crap out of him in the parking lot? – But what does that prove? What does that do for the long term problem? What about Troy? Wouldn’t he get in trouble as well?  What kind of trouble? 


  • They could go to an adult, ask for help.  But who?  Gabriella’s mom?  The principal? A teacher?  Should they go to the coach?  What would they say? After all he did ice and salt challenge Gabriella’s hand against her will. I mean should I make that something she files charges for?  Should I start looking up the legal system figure out what something like that could mean legally? 


  • I could kill him off. Don’t know how but I think most of my readers would be alright with that. Shit, one of my readers has already suggested it.


When I started this story it was just about two teenagers who were raised differently and were being forced to live under the same roof. Now I’ve got this modern Tybalt on my hands. Well except for the whole related thing and tights.  


A writer’s job is never as easy as it seems. My characters never really end up doing what I want them to. I begin a story with the intentions of a simple high school romance and end up with a blood bath. 


Book Update.


I’m currently circling it and paralyzed with fear all at the same time. Story endings are not my strength.  I mean obviously I know how this story is going to end because it’s a 2nd draft. I guess I’m working more on the conflict right now. My character’s Addison and Caleb are currently broken up. I just think that I might have broken them up to well and now I’m trying to glue them back together.


I’m like two chapters away from ending it and handing it off to my readers/editors/younger sister & boyfriends brother and it’s like I’ve suddenly gone stupid with ideas. It like suddenly I’m on ledge and I’m a jumper. I have written 19 full stories published on my Fanfiction page, and suddenly this is the one that puts me on the freak out path? 


I have about 112 dedicated readers who read my stories and re-read them all the time.  Why is this different?  Family!  That’s why. My sister is going to read this, my friend Matt is going to read this. I think knowing this has like put a tight metal clamp on the story maker section of my brain.    


I need to get my head in the game. I need to stop thinking about everything else and just think about the book. I have to work on the book. I need to complete this book project.


That’s it! I’m opening up this word document right now and I’m giving that book a good 7 to 8 pages of my mind. Something’s bound to come from it. Something has to stick; these characters have to make it to the end. I will push myself and I will finish this 2nd draft!


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