Book Update: 2nd Draft Done!

July 25, 2013

Getting out of hell before the devil even knows your there is a lot harder than one might think. The trick, I think, is not letting the heat get to you. Once you start sweating, you just get sloppy and tired and you miss things like that rock on the ground or that puddle of lava. Then before you know it you’re tripping over the rock and landing ass first into soon to be butt soup.


What the fuck am I talking about? It’s finally done. I have finished the 2nd draft of my book. My book which for the moment is titled Learning the Hard Way is on its own being read by my sister Victoria, after it comes back from her I will be adding the corrections and then sending it to Matt for the another reading and editing.


Till then I will be working on the cover this weekend and getting all the Amazon details hammered out. I wish I could say the hard part was over but the hard part is just beginning. This book while it might not be the first story I share with the world it will be the first one they pay for, the first one my family might read, and the first one with my actual name attached to it. (Not my pen name Jamiesgirl)


I don’t know what to expect. You put stuff out in the world and you’d be amazed what you get back. For all I know I could receive death threats by people who have a problem with what I write about. Might even get stalkers who might not intend to do me harm but end up trying to kill me. On the other hand let’s get real about this, there really is no way of knowing what is going to happen with this book. It could just sell to my friends and family and be flop. I might even do it all over again because like I said before, what do I have to lose? 


At the moment I feel like I’m walking through hell, I’m at the edge of my own seat biting my nails as I wait on feedback on what might as well be my first born child. Will the plot be awful? Will the jokes fall flat? Will my leading lady be perceived as the Lady or the Tramp? Will ending be enough? Will have to spend another month rewriting?  I can assure the devil might not know I’m there but he has hunch that someone’s walking around.


Then I have to figure out all the coding and tricks to formatting this thing to look like an actual kindle book that has all the right links and flips pages like it should. Talk about the floors in hell being paved with small pieces of sharp gravel. All I know at this point is that these flip flops have a lot they need to learn and endure.


All I can do is keep my eyes open and my mind off the heat because I already don’t have much junk in the trunk and I’m not about to turn what I do have into butt soup!


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