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August 13, 2013

This month is about my own super hero strenght to fight through all the bullshit that seems to be heading my way these days. Yes, it seems even this early on in the project I have had the pleasure of getting some haters on the bandwagon. Just when I think about quiting and just going back into hiding, I remember there is a group of people out there that I have to prove wrong. This month going in has already had its shares of ups and downs and it's only August 13th!


My gerbil, Shaggy, died. I buried him in our yard using an ice cream scooper. I was sad, still am because I had him for so long. Then on Friday I went online to see if I could sell the 20 gallon tank and gerbil supply I had left over and I saw this ad for an adorable free Beagle/ Russell Terrier. She instantly reminded me of Buffy my Beagle/Pointer back home. My boyfriend and I had talked about getting another dog numerous times, we felt like Buffy was lonely. We agreed that when the gerbils passed, (At the time I had two. The first one passed in January and I buried him in the backyard with a spatula.), we would re-visit the idea of another animal.


I sent a text his way explaining that the dog was free and was in Buffalo Grove. We agreed, we liked her, so I made contact with the owner. Now on a finical level, we’re struggling but who isn’t these days? In all honesty having another dog is cheaper than the gerbil (Care fresh, Food, treats, and the toys. Shit ain’t cheap.) On average I spent 25 dollars on my gerbil when it came to the monthly Petsmart trip. On a lifestyle level a little happiness goes a long way. (Plus a huge bag of dog food is only 20 bucks.) So we know have two Beagle breeds. Buffy the black and white one is my Beagle/Pointer, she is two years old. Dawn, my new puppy, is the Brown and white one she is 13 weeks. And yes the Buffy and Dawn thing from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is something I did on purpose. I’m a dork.


So it looks like I have my work cut out for me, not only am I crate training a new puppy but I’m working on my writing in a big bad way. Currently I am working hard on finishing up Getting Rid of Steven Rodgers for my Fan-fiction page while working on a new story, which I have not titled yet, that is set to go live on Fan-fiction in late August. I have to get going on the cover for that story, a title for that story, and a description for it as well.


I’m also working on the cover for the book, which I think I may have a good grip on. There will be a blog about that at some point. These last two weeks I’ve been thinking about marketing and advertising in more detail. I’m thinking about getting posters made to put in libraries and local stores. Thinking about getting a free package of business cards made up to hand out for the book as well. Maybe see if the local libraries will let me leave some there. I also plan to make a trip to my old High School and College at one point to also sit down with the people in charge about ads in their community letters/campus newspapers. I think it's safe to say I’ve made some pretty big leaps and bounds in advertising ideas. Last week I spent most of my free time looking up blogs of fellow self-publishers and looking through Facebook groups for a complied list of a few places I will be advertising.


Book Advertising Sites


Free sites:


Goodreads- Very helpful for getting reviews and connecting with readers and authors. I will be making a profile and putting it in for in as an author’s page, which is free.  Then I will set up a page for my book and attach it to that author page.  They also run book promotions.


BookPinning-This is a very simple site where you submit your Amazon/sale page and your cover art, which must be more than 500x500px.  They make a pin of your book that goes into their database.  No charge and very simple.  Make sure to read their submission guidelines to see if your book can be accepted.  They do not accept anything pornographic, extreme violence, or anything horror.


Facebook Groups-There are several Facebook groups that I can promote on: Novelspot Readers, Heroic Fantasy, Authors and Book Lovers Discussion Group, and Indie Author Book Promotion Page.  There are hundreds of others I just have to sit down and start joining these groups and socializing. It seems that if I follow their rules they will promote my book for a few sales and exposure. This site invites you to set up a free author account on BookDaily to promote your book to their readers. BookDaily introduces authors to new readers by providing a sample chapter from the author's books. Setting this up only takes a few minutes. Post the first chapter of your books for reader to review, post your biography and photo, include a link to your website or your blog for new traffic and SEO value, I can load video about the book and receive a regular author marketing newsletter from thought leaders in digital book marketing.


BookTalk- They have an online reading group and book discussion forum that can help you discover new books. They have a Google Page Rank of 5, over 14,000 members and close to 700,000 site views per month. Book discussion forums are free and open to anyone including authors and publishers. I can create a free account and write about my book in the Fiction Book Forum. If I do print my book I can mail a few copies of your print book and it will be advertised. They will advertise your book on the Home page for 15 to 30 days and on the Featured Book Suggestions page permanently.


LibraryThing- This is a social networking site and forum for book lovers. Free profile where each book contains tags, reviews and links to conversations about the book.


WhoWroteWhat- Authors can advertise free for thirty days. Submit a portrait photo (jpg), up to fifty words inviting readers to your website and your URL where your book(s) are for sale. After thirty days it is as low as 27 cents a day.


Sites that are not free:


 Goodkindles- They are a paid site with packages ranging from $7.95 to $19.95. Each package gives you a permanent listing and a notice in their newsletter.  The Silver and Gold packages allow you to request a bump of your book BACK to the homepage after a minimum of 30 days. The Gold package also means that your book appears on their social media and newsletter again when it’s bumped. I will most likely go for the $7.95 deal which gives you a permanent listing and notice in the newsletter. It will attach directly to my book’s Amazon page. They require that you write a book description that is unique to their site, so I’m going to have to look at some books from the romance young adult genre that are already on there to see what I have to do.


Novelspot- $25 dollars but this is a big site with a lot of services.  They have banners, author interviews, book reviews, two facebook pages you can join, author bio pages, ‘Just Out’ service, and so many other services for an independent author.  It is a blossoming site, but it has a large base of readers.


Kindle Mojo-This site is run by an e-book author named Tom Hobbs. His site is now an author social media site.  You can set up a profile, post pictures of yourself and your books, and interact with other indie authors and readers.  For a single charge of $25, you can get a Featured Author Page.  For a single charge of $15, you can get put onto the Twitter list and get your Author Page tweeted 2-3times a week. $15 they connect to all of your social media and to your book’s Amazon review page.  This is another site that requests a unique book description for their site, but they have a lot of networking options for you to use.


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