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August 22, 2013

So far I have been able to produce 12 book covers using the GIMP program. It has not been easy mastering the program and I am more than sure I haven’t even begun to get my full use of the product. Not that I paid for it or anything because GIMP is free! I highly recommend the program to anyone who likes to alter photos or just have some fun working with images.


Out of the 12 book covers I’ve created two seem to be leading the race. One of the reasons I’ve been circulating the covers online for feedback from friends and family is because it’s hard to figure how to please both the viewers and the author. For example there’s what I think my book represents and then there’s what it actually represents. On its own I think the book is about these two teenagers who are on two very different tracks in life and come together not only to fall in love but to take a step back and actually be able to see each other through that difference and make an assessment of their own life.


When I originally wrote this story I wanted to make characters that I related to, so instead of making a character that’s all me I took two very different side of myself and split them apart. I am a workaholic like Caleb, I always follow the rules and as the oldest in my family I tend to fall into a leadership role a lot soon than others.  When I began filling out college applications I was all for going full speed ahead, my bedroom was littered with paper piles of college applications. I was on a mission for my future and I was sure about what it was.


All that aside like Addison I have a laid back attitude about life and doing the opposite of everyone’s expectations. It always seemed like whenever I did something impressive it was never impressive enough or it just set the bar that much higher for me to jump over next time. It is hard to be the oldest and at times it can also make you feel like an only child, all the attention is always there on you and it never leaves. My sexuality, a topic my father morbidly loves to linger on, is a flirtatious confident heterosexual nature that I keep as an open book. If someone says “It’s better than sex,” in my opinion their doing it wrong.  


Addison and Caleb’s relationship is a representation of that hard shell I kept through high school, she’s that sarcastic everything’s a joke because it weren’t people would know too much kind of person. And he’s that I’m a serious and talented guy when everyone is looking. I wrote this because when I was younger and looking I couldn’t find one story like it that I liked. When it comes to reading I read a particular kind of story and when I can’t find what I’m looking for I do the next best thing. I fire up Microsoft Word and write that bitch myself.


So when it comes to this cover it’s huge because what I want to represent and what the story on its own different. And it’s my job as a cover artist to get both those messages across, while making it look great and eye catching to my audience. 


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