The Letter

August 26, 2013

Constricted to be Ashamed. Inspired to be different.

I hope they treat you well when I’m gone.

When curtain is closed on the performance of this relationship.

I hope they shed tears for your strength and endurance of life after me.

That the candle inside your heart survives the pain.


When there is no proof that I can breathe, I will inhale.

When there is no proof that I can see through the fog, it will clear.

When there is no proof that I exist, I will cast a spotlight on what is existence without you.  

When there is no proof that I have reason, I will write volumes.


Remember to forget me when you turn out the lights.

Forget the haunted memories that will follow in my absence.

Forget the echoes of laughter we left in the hallways of our youth.

Forget the smiles reserved for each other in a crowded space.

Remember that when the time comes I will already be gone,

Left only behind in the photographs taken.


I will smile in fruits of new love.

Cloaked in the happiness of arms that make me stronger.

Consumed in the bonds that weld us together to make one soul.

This is a letter to myself, a letter to the version of me I left behind.

A note to the girl within who is struggling to keep up with the woman she’s become.


You have been loved.

You have been cherished.

You have been remember at every Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You have been the back bone for the woman.

You have been the inspiration for eyes in the mirror.

But no longer will you be the anchor that holds me down.


Anais Torres

Punk Poet.



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