Committing Murder & Diving Into Another Project.

September 5, 2013

Today is a day of congratulations. I have finished my Fan-fiction Getting Rid of Steven Rogers. !!! In the process of wrapping things up I will be posting the last chapter tomorrow and putting it to bed. Always a great feeling when I finish a project.


Getting Rid of Steven Rodgers turned out to be a lot more emotional than I expected it to be. For the first time in my history of writing, I killed my one of main characters. That’s right folks, I committed murder. I did it because I felt like the story was going a different way from when I started. It wasn’t so much about the love story anymore and I wanted it to be tragic and what is more tragic than a young life ending before its time.


Once I did it, I felt extremely sad. I immediately wanted to go back and undo what I did. I’ve never killed a main character before and now speaking from experience I can say it takes a lot of balls to do it. My second concern was my readers, I thought I would lose them, I thought they would retaliate in rage and bad reviews.  Much to my surprise, while I did make a lot of people cry, apparently I also had nothing to worry about. They loved the story.


So with a murder under my belt, I am setting out on my next story which is already 11 chapters in. This one much to my surprise is a seriously sexual adventure. This story was pulled together not from 50 Shades of Grey but from my own sexual experiences, the many books I’ve read and of course my personal fantasies. Looking at it as a reader it is very 50 Shades, only because I have a strong male character that takes dominance in their relationship. However, there will be no S & M that’s just not my thing.


I’m calling the next story Under the Tycoons Command. The story is about this odd couple who are arrange to be married through a deal made by her mother and the groom to be. The family is going under from debt, and their restaurant hasn’t been the same since her husband died. Troy, who will be playing my tycoon comes from a very wealthy family and rehabilitates companies for a living. Of course the deal is ripe for the picking, buy out the company, turn it around and make a profit. What’s so hard about that?


No relation to my mother at all, Maria’s oldest daughter, Gabriella, is almost thirty years old and still lives in her childhood bedroom. Ever since a nasty break up with her ex-boyfriend David, Gabriella’s life has been on a major pause. When her dad died she gave up everything to come back and take over the kitchen. Getting married just wasn’t in the card for her after David, so no surprise she’s appalled when her mother comes home one night and announces that she has found her a husband.


The story picks up three weeks after the wedding and we see that the couple is struggling, Gabriella wants to keep the restaurant the same, Troy wants to change it completely. With all the fire and ice going on in the conference room and the restaurant the two quickly find that their sexual tension is at a breaking point. Problem is, once they indulge a lot more gets put on the line. Troy’s plans to destroy his own father’s company and sell the restaurant for profit goes out the window. Gabriella is caught off guard when David moves back into town looking to rekindle their flame she finds herself torn between the man who had her heart and this tycoon who seems to have her body.


How on earth do I come up with this?  I don’t know, blessing and a curse I guess.


On the book front, I am still waiting to hear back from my readers. I am hoping for a Christmas release. I do not want to go into next year with this project I want to start the New Year off with a different project. If all goes well I should be rolling out another book next year.


Thanks for reading!!!


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