Let's Look At The Numbers!

September 10, 2013

Today we are going to talk about my new story Under the Tycoons Command. Feel free to read the story athttp://www.fanfiction.net/s/9672950/1/Under-The-Tycoons-Command. What we are looking at in the image above is my Stats Breakdown. For Under the Tycoons Command I have only posted one chapter so far, and for those of you looking to read I normally post a chapter every Saturday or Sunday, whichever one is less busy.


So far I have 13 reviews on this story. Reviews are comments left by your readers. Some reviews are harder to take then others and some make you feel like you’re on top of the world. I’ve learned over the years of doing this that I will never write the prefect story which appeases everyone. I can only write a story that appeases me and if at the end of the day I satisfied with it and others like it too, then I’ve hit the jackpot.


Here are some Reviews for Under the Tycoons Command:


AddyD90:Loved it!


Princess Tricia: *sighs* What more can I say, other than that. Troy is a grade -A- pig headed, low down, dirty, rotten, good for nothing sleaze ball. All he cares about his business and finance issues. He doesn't care about Gabriella at all.

I mean it says so right there by the choice of color roses he chose for his secretary to go pick up.

I mean "white" Ugh. White roses symbolize innocence, fertility, and grace. Everyone or anyone that knows their flowers would know that. Now if he really did love her. He would've chose red roses. Cause red roses symbolize passion, love, lust and romance. Right now he, his board members and his father all make me sick. Gabriella is not some Damn sex toy for their inhabited and perverted eyes. I can't wait to see what else is there to come, dear. Oh and that slap from Gabriella to Troy. Amen sista. He deserved it. Anyway. Please update right away.


kristenkay0606: Interesting new story. Cant wait for more!


Ale X. Sha: yay! one of my favorite stories of yours is Just The Beginning and it kinda reminds me of this one.


As you can see my readers are very vocal and will not hesitate to tell me what’s on their mind. These reviews help out a lot more than you would believe it allows me to see where the character are, where I need to put more work, and what isn’t working as well as I liked.


Moving on for Views I have 458 people who have looked at the story. There are 11 people have already added it to their list of favorites and 19 people are signed up for alerts to the story. Alerts mean that if I change the story information or add a chapter/take one down. These people are alerted via e-mail of the changes.


To give you some perspective lets go over my last story Getting Rid of Steven Rodgers really quick. The overall total of Reviews as of today is 405. Looking at how many click to the story, about 40,770 people have viewed the Story. 63 people have added it to their Favorites and 90 people followed it with alerts. I also extend the welcome for you to feel free to read this story at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8994024/1/Getting-Rid-of-Steven-Rodgers.


So what’s my point in going over this with you, well I’m telling you about my writing. After all this blog is about my writing journey and I wouldn’t be here without these readers or stories. It’s also important for me to keep track of where my numbers are so I can keep them on the rise. I use the story stats to map out which kind of stories do better and what titles get the most bang for their buck short of. This new story shows promise and I expect by chapter 3 we’ll see a larger increase in favorites and followers.


I’ll be sure to keep you posted as we track this story and my ongoing journey to self-publishing. Also make sure you follow me on Twitter @Punkpoet69


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