Looking Past the Privacy Fence.

September 12, 2013

This world is so inspiring it’s almost crazy to believe the power of it all. As an individual it’s hard to see it, mostly because you’re so wrapped up in everything that revolves around you, that looking over the horizon of your own backyard can be challenging. I am guilty of my very own privacy fence. I mostly keep to myself, I write, I read and I stay in my circle of close friends. 


This reminds me of high school, that feeling you get 12 weeks in, when you’ve become so attached to your lunch table that the idea of picking somewhere else to sit terrifies you. I, being the pussy that I am, always sat with the same people and even that took two years to find them because I spent freshmen and sophomore year in the library during lunch. 


All that being said, for the longest time I’ve been dedicated to Facebook. I never picked up on twitter or Instagram and for the life of me I still don’t get the point behind Pinterest but last month I dipped my toes into the water. What the hell was I thinking? How on earth did I not see this potential to reach out to people? It’s eye opening how many people are out there reading your words, anticipating your work and as I witness today almost star stuck when they meet the person behind the penname.  


For the longest time I stayed in two separate worlds. My writing one, and my social one, till this day I think the only person who can say that they fully live in both of those worlds is my boyfriend and that’s because we live together and he gets to see exactly what I do. He’s there for the long nights I spend hammering away at the computer and for the crazed happy dances when I figured something out or exceeded my review expectations. He’s there when I talk to my family, he’s there when we visit and he can see how shy or how little I reveal about my writing. 


This guy has a lot of good tell all material … If we get married I wonder if I can make him sign something that would stop any publication of a tell all. Not that I think he might do it. He’s not really a reader or writer, but this… it’s a tempting idea so tempting that I might ghost write for him if he doesn’t.


So all that said I’m very new to Twitter and Instagram, so much that when I find myself playing with it for hours and I keep discovering new abilities. Overall, I am simply excited for the bridge I am making to connect my worlds as well as getting the view of not only what’s outside my privacy fence but at all the super cool things out there that go beyond the next yard.


Today I talked to one of my readers over twitter and everything was just so surreal. I’ve been writing these stories for so long I’ve almost never really put the thought out there that these people reading my stories are actually people with lives and faces. Its crazy interacting with them, I have a social circle of hundreds just because they have been there every step of the way, reading every story and watching me develop just as much as I’ve been watching it myself.


My readers, these people get me but they also don’t know me. My family, on the other hand, I feel like they know me but they don’t get me. Does that make sense? I think I almost regret not doing all of this sooner but at the same time I don’t think I’d appreciate it as much if it was just something I did from the start. Truth is this is all just so … Overwhelming.

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