Roller-coaster Saturday

September 14, 2013

Where to start, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you?  I woke up this morning worked on my story and then visited some family, mostly my aunts and grandmother. I love my grandmother very much and when she talks about her life I’m fascinated. I mean today I learned that my great grandmother was a cook for 45 years of her life and that my great grandfather was a baker. I learned that my great grandmother was 35 when my great father was 70 something years old. Go great granddad! Listening to the stories of my family and their past helps me realize that all the stress isn’t worth the wrinkles. My grandmother is a vibrant woman for her age and I hope that when I am her age I can shop, cook, and laugh like that because that’s what I think living is.


After some family time, I went to the local Wal-mart with my mother, where she spoiled me rotten with some of the house stuff I needed like a mop, broom and some paper towels, all the basic stuff. I listened to her talk about her dogs, how sad she’s been about her dog dying. We talked about the fact that I wasn’t getting any younger and my baby maker was beginning to tick. As If I’m some time bomb? I mean what can I do about it? I’m not in a place to have kids in my life. I think I’m still selfish with my boyfriend’s time and money to share it with someone else right now. Plus I have brought the topic of children up to him and he doesn’t want to have them this young.


So now I’m totally confused. I want kids but I don’t want them now but that doesn’t mean I want to time so that I’m hooked up to an oxygen machine at their high school graduation either! What is the right age to pop out a kid? What’s going to happen once there is a little mini me running around?  Will I still type? Will I still have stories to tell?  Will I have the time to tell them?


We talked about my future wedding day; apparently she’s been planning it forever. No seriously, I think she took my measurement in my sleep one day and already has the dress on back order. Marriage is another topic I brought up to my boyfriend and he also responded with the “we’re to young excuse.” Which starts me off on a whole other rant, I mean, too young my ass! What? Is he secretly hoping that Mila Kunis is going to wake up tomorrow and come walking up to our door to confess her undying love for him?  What the flick is he waiting for? I am prime marriage material!!


Any way back to the story, when she dropped me off at home I opened a much needed beer and watched some Monk on TV. It was looking to be a lazily Saturday and all was right with the world. When the boyfriend came home for a nap between jobs I filled him in on my morning and then agreed to wake him up for work in two hours. So after I set an alarm, propped Buffy to sleep on my feet, checked on Dawn who was heavily invested in my TV show I feel asleep on the couch for a short nap.


It must have been 5:30 when I received the text message with an attachment. Rubbing the sleep from my eye I eventually came too enough to make out that it was from my mother. When I opened it surprised wouldn’t cover it. Pissed wouldn’t cover it. Enraged, blinded by red and maybe even a little bit of contemplation for murder took place, because there on the screen I was looking down at black and white little puppy. That’s right folks my mother replaced her dead dog already. It hasn’t even been day and she already has a new puppy.


1st, Bear, her dog just getting home from the hospital 2 days ago is still sick. He is on antibiotics and he is still a little sluggish. So in my opinion it is just stupid to bring a puppy into an environment such as this. 2nd, this puppy is only 2 months old and is so small it could give Tinkerbell a run for her money, this poor puppy has almost no strength to fight off the flu or survive on its own. 3rd, she wanted to name it moo-moo.


I talked her into naming the dog Pixie. This time, I’m going to have to keep a close eye on her since my sister is away. I’m hoping that this dog will be different. That now all the dogs will live out their life expectancy in a healthy manner. But a huge part of me is just seeing history repeat itself.


On a happier sidebar, today is also Buffy's Birthday. She is now two years old, time to embrace her terrible twos and teenage years all at once. What a life I live. 


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