Excerpt From Learning The Hard Way.

September 16, 2013

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book. It's still going through editing but I figured I've talked about it so much I might as well shine a little light on what this really is. So here we go up close and personal. 


Deciding some fresh air might be needed, she walked up the steps and outside the house onto the front porch. Lighting up a cigarette she closed her eyes and felt that sun on her skin. She pulled her hair back clipping it in a messy bun satisfied even with a few stands that fell lose regardless of her effort. Her pants were black with red suspenders hanging off the back and she had on a red spaghetti strap top. Her headphones were draped around her neck as they blared out music she quietly sang along to. That was when she heard a noise from the next yard. It sounded like a basketball. Inhaling the nicotine she stepped down from the porch and across the yard. The noise got louder and she could hear the sound of a soft swoosh when the ball made the basket.


Coming up to the small fence separating the property Addison leaned on it and smiled as she watched a very well toned, shirtless boy bounce a basket ball. "Looks like this neighborhood just got more interesting," she said to herself tapping the ash off the cigarette. She smirked as she watched him move around the court. The boy had moves.


An unfamiliar smell suddenly filled the air and Caleb paused as he caught the ball and turned to his right his chocolate brown eyes smashing into a pair of herbal green ones. For a moment they just stared at each other and Addison brought her cigarette to her lips inhaling slowly and bringing it back down exhaling a small long cloud of smoke.


"Well howdy neighbor," she said breaking the silence.


Caleb didn't say anything just nodded his head in response and reached down for his T-shirt, quickly pulling it over himself and making his way over to the fence.


"Oh please, don't get dress on my account," she said to him in a low voice.


With a small smile Caleb held out his hand. "Hello, my name is Caleb Sullivan," he said in a neutral tone.


"Addison Pierce," she said taking his hand.


"It's nice to meet you."


Addison was silent and continued to stare back at him with a raised eyebrow. "I take it you’re not the welcoming committee?" she said.




“He thinks you look like Wednesday Adams," came a voice from behind him. A girl about his age with the same brown eyes and hair color came up to the fence holding out a hand to Addison. "My name is Melanie Sullivan. But they call me Mel," she said with a smile.


"Well hello Mel," Addison said in mockingly happy tone.


"How do you like the new house?" Mel said looking up at the house in question. "Hope you lucked out and got the room with the balcony," she said as she tucked her thumbs in the pocket of her jeans.


"I did," Addison said as she smiled back at Caleb and tapped the ashes on her cigarette again. "I guess it’s a nice house must have cost my father an arm and a testicle," she said bringing the cigarette back to her lips.


Mel and Caleb exchanged glances before looking back at Addison cautiously. "Where are you coming from?" Mel said.


"Moved around a lot, so I'd say a little bit of everywhere," Addison kept her eyes on Caleb who was looking at her. She winked at him causing him to jump a bit. "Cat got your tongue over there basketball boy?" she said in a playful tone.


"Sorry," he said taking a few steps and going back to bouncing the ball.


Addison looked back at Mel who was rolling her eyes at her brother. "So you're going to Rigdon High?" she asked.


"Starting tomorrow," Addison said tucking a strand behind her ear.


"We could give you a ride Caleb and I go there," Mel looked at her and clapped her hands together excitedly.


"And what times does this car pool, leave the drive way?" Addison said blowing out more smoke away from Mel.


"Seven-thirty," Caleb responded aiming up his shot.


"Is there a dress code?" She asked Mel.


"No," Mel shook her head, "just can't go naked."


"Are the boys cute?" Addison smiled. Caleb looked over at the girls and rolled his eyes as he shot another basket.


"The boys are decent," She said in a low tone. "My brother's friends are hot," she said with a shy smile.


"Given any a test drive?" Addison asked with amusement. This little quiet neighborhood might not be so bad after all.

"I’m sorry I don’t think I understand?" Mel asked looking at her a bit confused.


"You know," Addison motion with her hand the smoke from the cigarette making a circle, "who have you gone out with?"


"Oh, god, no," Mel said holding a hand to her face. "I've never dated anyone; my bother and my dad are a little over protective so I really don't get many offers," Mel said looking off to the side and making sure her brother didn't hear.


"Well that's a shame." Addison said pushing away from the fence, "how old are you?”


"I'm sixteen," she said blushingly.


"And you've never dated," Addison said slowly as her face twisted with confusion.




"Are you gay?" Addison leaned with a smile.


"What? No I like boys," She said a bit shocked by Addison casualness, "are you?"


"Tired it once, but, I love a good stick shift. If you know what I mean," she said with a naughty smile.


Mel’s jaw dropped as she stared back at Addison. "You've kissed a girl before?" she asked still keeping her voice low.


"Have you kissed at all?" she asked bringing the cigarette back to her lips and inhaling the last of it before she put out on the bottom of her flip flop.




"You're a virgin aren't you?" Addison sighed and shook her head, "Like ponies and rainbows painted on your bedroom walls type virgin?"


At that moment Caleb came back over to the fence. "Mom said dinner is ready, let’s go," he said not giving Addison another look.


Mel smiled and held out her hand to Addison, "We’ll see you tomorrow?"


"Bright and early," She responded with a smile. Addison took her cue and turned to walk away. Leaving Caleb and Mel at the fence, who watched her go and then turned around to start walking towards their own home.


"I don't like her," Caleb said glancing back over to make sure she was gone. "She smokes."


"I don't know she seems fun," Mel held her hands behind her back as she walked along side of Caleb.


"Why did you offer her a ride?" Caleb said pulling the back door open for her.


"I thought it would be nice if she just knew some people, you know how Rigdon High is?" she said with a frown. Mel walked into the kitchen and he followed.


"Yeah," he shrugged "but now we're stuck with her."



Text copyright © 2013 Anais M. Torres

All Rights Reserved

This is a work of Fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental. 


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