Vibrating Underwear, Dryspells & Other Writing Problems.

September 25, 2013

So I’m working on the latest Fan-fiction, Under the Tycoons Command, and I’m working hard to branch out to new readers. I’ve been using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to spread the word. Tonight I am planning to make my first Fan-fiction ad on Facebook, probably the cover with some caption. I mean after all the cover I made for this Fan-fiction in my opinion is bad ass.


People underestimate my determination, but I have a talent, I have a spark and like lighting this bitch is striking the ground with a rumble and lighting up the sky on the way. For the longest time I’ve kept my writing a deep dark secret, people don’t ask, I don’t tell. These days I’m finding a new lightness in my step. I’m doing something that I love to do, I’m talking to people, I’m helping people, I’m giving advice to people and it’s all about writing.


So this story that I’m working on has been spilling out of me these days and up until yesterday I haven’t had a dry spell in a while. I powered through the vibrating panties, through the tooth and nail negotiations made between the characters and am currently working my way through chapter 15. This story is challenging in the way that the plot is so frustrating to me. I’ve worked with arranged marriages in the past with Just the Beginning, but this story has an element that Just the Beginning didn’t have, and that’s a Tycoon.


Troy’s character in this story is very controlling, and I’m watching reviews carefully to see how he’s being perceived. So far we’re going steady on the fact that he seems so real and sometimes mean. My readers are going to be in for a surprise because this Troy is going to have a jealous streak and a vindictive personality. His possessive claim on Gabriella is downright sexy and dangerous at the same time. This story is in no way another Fifty Shades of Grey cop-out but it does have some of the qualities.


The vibrating panties scene is probably my favorite scene in this story and it doesn’t happen till chapter 12 I believe. This was straight out of The Ugly Truth only this time instead of the comical take on it by Katherine, I decided to put a sexy spin on it. The idea has been in my head even before The Ugly Truth took on the concept. It’s been on my mind for a while to do and I’ve almost attempted it many times before but always chicken out. It wasn’t until I got to this Troy that I was like, this guy could pull this off.


There is one more scene that I’ve been holding on to that I want to work into the story and that’s a play on being blindfolded and bound. Again not a Fifty Shades of Gray kind of thing. This will be more what I consider to be down to earth. The problem is that this current dry spell has me stuck on a conversation between Gabriella and Troy in Chapter 15. So I’m taking a break. I start reading a new book today, I’ll be having dinner with the parents and tonight I’ll be working on the ad.


In the meantime I’ll be listening to music hoping for a downpour of inspiration because as it stands right now I’m kind of lost. But never fear readers! This happens a lot more than you think it does and every time I’ve had it, I’ve been able to come back with flying colors.


Under the Tycoons Command is up to Chapter 5 and I will be uploading Chapter 6 this weekend.  To check it out click on this link:


Till next time don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @punkpoet69 and check out all the cute pictures of my dogs on Instagram at punkpoet69.


Don’t be afraid or shy to leave comments, reviews, questions or even just concerns about my sanity.  I am an all feedback is good kind of girl.   

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