All In The Name Of Research... I Swear!

October 25, 2013

I wouldn't say I'm a stalker so much as I am a covert observation enthusiast. I like listening in on people’s conversation and I enjoy snooping through the random unsuspecting person’s Facebook, a guilty pleasure I am more than sure I’m not alone in. Sometimes I think people’s Facebook albums should be titled envy me or pity me, let’s face it those pictures are posted for a reason. In this open book generation we’ve been developing it’s hard to keep a secret and easy to be doped by an illusion.


These days instead of a background check you could just printout someone’s entire Facebook profile. Facebook is a gigantic file cabinet where anything you want to know about someone is a click away from being right at your fingertips. It’s crazy how trusting some people are with their information, even I’m guilty of the over share every now and again. Have you read this blog?


But let’s get down and dirty with the real Destroyers of reality. Porn and love songs. That’s right, I said it. Men believe everything they see in a porn is reality just like women like to believe that everything in a love song actually happens. Wake up call let me be the first to hit that glass window with Miley’s lubed up sledge hammer. Sex on TV, Internet or wherever you’re watching it is for show it not comfortable and as a woman we do not bend that way. Oh sure if you’ve ever watched us shave our legs you’d think differently but let me tell you it’s just not happening.


When I wrote Pornstruck (Later renamed Lovestruck to avoid being banned.), I researched porn to no end just to get the lifestyle of these woman down to a science. I listened to podcast, interviews, read stories, watched… well like I said I did my research, what I learned about the industry will make you blush and scratch your head. If you're interested in that story click here:

I think if anyone where to check my google history they would think I was crazy or dealing with serious childhood drama. My boyfriend, god bless his heart is subjected to my writer habits. There are constantly web browsers open on various topics depend on the topic of my writing that week. There are post its everywhere with list involving plot, characters, places, questions and leads. Sometimes doing my research involves making him stand up so I try something as simple as an awkward handshake so I can describe it accurately.


I think the weirdest thing I made him do was chew a piece of gum so I can watch him chew it and see what muscles moved and if he could talk, what noises would he make and how would it affect his tone. Trust me, that boy has patience and understanding. Sometimes I can be a handful with my research, it might mean going somewhere, watching something, me watching him, or him listening to my jokes to see if they hit.


When I decide to do something I have to know all about it, I have to read up on it, I have to look for people who have experienced this process and have written about it. This was one of the leading points to me posting this blog. It’s like a documentary, a behind the scene peek at life when you’re writing and struggling as a young person in this open book generation. Hence the name Behind the Pages.

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