Someone Check My Pulse Please?!?!

November 5, 2013

I wrote a book once.


That’s how I’ve been feeling these days. It’s like I was running after the Road Runner and at the last minute a wall came up out of nowhere and I ran smack into it, Wile E. Coyote style. It’s been hard to cope with this feeling but I am working on it. I have faith that one day the editing process will be over!


So in the meantime…


I’m wrapping up Under the Tycoons Command. For those of you interested in checking out that link, Click here. As of today there are 15 chapters up for this story and I have worked on 20 chapters in total and currently I see the end in sight at about chapter 21 or 22. Unlike Getting Rid of Steven Rodgers, I have a full vision of how this story is coming to an end. In fact, if I apply myself I could finish this story tonight and then work full time on my other projects.


I am also happy to announce that Under the Tycoons Command has hit 21,727 views on the site. It has been listed on 63 user’s favorites and is currently being followed by 77 users. Impress yet? The story also has 251 reviews under its belt as well. All of this makes me mega proud, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Yeah my story might be on a fan-fiction website for High School Musical but … people are reading it!


I also want to take a moment to let you know where these readers are coming from because the wonderful thing about Fan-fiction is that not only do they track all of your story stats but they track from where the hits are coming from! How cool is it to know that?


Drum roll please….


My readers are from: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Philippines, Israel, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Canada, Hungary, Brazil, France, Russian Federation, Lebanon, Belgium, Malaysia, Greece, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, Singapore, Austria, Mexico, Iceland, Indonesia, Egypt Colombia, Bahrain, New Zealand, Norway, Uruguay, China, Venezuela, Finland, Georgia, Haiti, United Arab Emirates, Sir Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong Morocco and Dominican Revar!  


The crazy part about all of this, is that it’s been a huge part of my life for the last seven years, and my family has no idea. My friends and family know I want to write, they know I want to do creative things with my life but I’ve been submerged in writing for a long time. It’s because of this that I have faith and I also have fear. When I finally get around to publishing my first book it not just going to be a private life style for me anymore. It’s going to be real.


So what’s next after Under the Tycoons Command?


Ask a Bitch, was a story I wrote back in my senior year of college. It’s about a woman who produces this late night talk show called Ask a Bitch. In the story she has to deal with the fact that her little sister is getting married before her, which if you know anything about a woman is a tragedy in its self. Her parents highly disapprove of what she does for a living, in fact they’ve gone as far and schedule a job interview for her to change careers.


Eventually when the pressure builds up she panics and creates this false boyfriend to get her mother off her back.  Only now she has to bring Mr. Perfect to the wedding and her options are looking pretty slim. At least until her new neighbor moves in next door and granted she’s already called the cops on him and got him arrested.  She may have spilled her coffee on him and he’s probably witnessed her unlucky dating track record a little to honestly but if he’s not doing anything Saturday night … why not?


Ask a Bitch was taken down by the Fan-Fiction site last year, apparently having Bitch in the title was unappreciated by the site moderator. Which is why I must retitle the story! I am currently on Chapter 4 of the rewrite and another title hasn’t come to mind yet, but trust me, when I get one you guys will be the first to know.

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