My girls.

November 13, 2013

I don’t have kids, not for lack of wanting either. It just that times are hard.


I have two beagles Buffy and Dawn. Buffy is a beagle/pointer, she loves long naps, cuddling and her own reflection will drive her nuts. Her fur is white and black, with a small pink spot on her nose that’s going away as she get older. She’s almost two years old and she was our first pet we got as a couple. Having one dog was amazing, she learned our routine, she followed me everywhere and she was always ready to play. She was that cherry on top of the sundae when we got home from a long day.


When the topic of another dog came up it was mostly because our work hours shifted and we weren’t home as much as we would have liked to be. We had started noticing that Buffy was acting different, she would whine more, she would give us puppy eyes when we would leave the house. I just felt bad. I mean we had gerbils and she was always so curious about them. She loved watching them, she loved following them around as they rolled through the house in their balls.


Our jobs shifted again and things became better, Buffy was still lonely but we were home more. Then my gerbils died and at that point, I’d had them for a four years. It was sad and it hard. What made it sadder was while I sat in my yard digging a hole with an ice cream scooper, Buffy sat beside me and watched with a sad little face. She was all alone now, and I felt terrible. That was when we revisited the 2nd dog topic.


The next morning while looking for free dressers online I found Dawn’s Ad. Her family couldn’t take care of her and they didn’t want to give her back to the shelter. They were giving her away for free. At first her resemblance to Buffy is what caught my eye, then it was her breed. She was a beagle/Jack Russell Terrier. It was a sign, I just knew it. Our little family needed her in it.


Dawn is seven months, she loves chewing on her bones, drinking from the toilet bowl and creating mischief. Her fur is brown and white with a chocolate covered eyes. Dawn is a jumper, she loves to run and when she can she loves to sit on the arms of my couch like a mini gargoyle.


Yeah, it’s been another mouth to feed, and potty training has been rough, but I would never want to go back to one dog. Buffy is happy with her sister, Dawn is happy with her new yard. My dogs are so different from each other but together they are so young playful and lovable. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. They make me laugh, they love looking out the window and anytime I wash dishes both of them lay by my feet. My home feels like a family lives there.


My dogs are my kids. My girls. When I sit at my computer and work on my stories, blogs, or book art, my girls are right there at my side. We watch TV together, we nap together and when my boyfriend's home we each get a puppy to cuddle with during TV time. Life is good.

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