Why Anne Jamison Is My New Hero!!!

December 4, 2013

Anne Jamison’s book Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World, is brilliant!  As a fanfiction writer my jaw has not lifted from the table. This book is amazing, it’s giving fanfiction writers a reason to come out of the fanfiction closet. It’s providing a sense of pride and shining a long overdue spotlight on the ways in which we work.


This book is a collaboration of people talking about what fanfiction is, and what is it not? It goes into detail about why it matters and what makes it so important to the future of literature? Trust me, if you write fanfiction you don’t want to miss out on this amazing book. I mean I full heartedly agree with the description when they say that “Fic is a groundbreaking exploration of the history and culture of fan writing…”


This book is amazing because for the first time I feel like if someone were to ask me what fanfiction is, I could actually articulate a conservation about what it is, where it came from, what’s it like and how widespread it is. I feel like this book has given me the tools I need to be that much more confident about my work. This book has become my hero, the people in it, the voices that come together to explain are educated and memorizing.


Lev Grossman who writes the foreword states that “fanfiction asserts the rights of storytellers to take possession of characters and settings from other’s people’s narratives and tell their own tales about them- to expand and build upon the original, and, when they deem it necessary, to tweak it and optimize it for their own purposes.”


My mouth hung open and agape because I sat there thinking, “That’s exactly what it is and why did I never think to explain it like that?” Over the years I have winced and flinched when it comes down to explaining what I write. People hear fanfiction and they immediately think porn, lame, freak, star trek, and oh my god that’s so stupid. This book, even though they use star trek as an example adds so much more to it. Fanfiction is about twisting and tweaking and undermining the source material, in my case High School Musical, and in the process adding layers and dimensions of meaning to it that the original never had.


The stories I write about grownups who are looking for love, about rape victims who overcome their experience, about learning how to be yourself and understanding that if it makes you happy in life then that’s what you should do. They are 100% correct when they say that “writing and reading fanfiction isn’t just something you do; it’s a way of thinking critically about the media you consume, of being aware of all the implicit assumptions that a canonical work carries with it, and of considering the possibility that those assumptions might not be the only way things have to be.” Lev Grossman you’re an amazing person and I love your brain!


I mean what better way to put it than explaining that the internet is like a big electronic campfire and these fanfiction’s are the stories we’re all swapping and sharing with our friends. I haven’t even finished this book and I guarantee you it won’t be the last time I blog about how awesome and mind blowing it is. This book has opened a door, it has looked traditional literature in the face and it’s just taunting it with its presence. 


There are over one million stories posted on Fanfiction.net – all inspired by pre-existing works. The New York Times bestselling author Rainbow Rowell recently brought fanfiction to the forefront in her celebrated novel, Fangirl. And let’s not forget that there’s the queen of the fanfiction craze – E.L. James, who has turned her Twilight fanfiction into the bestselling three-part Fifty Shades of Grey series, a movie adaptation, and a net worth that catapulted her to the top of Forbes’ 2013 list of top earning authors.


Are you with me people?  Are you hearing what I am saying?


I will be reading this book with my highlighting finger across the kindle screen every other five words!!!  This book is amazing, I have written fanfiction for 7 years, and for 7 years I have been fumbling with the decision to tell people about it. When I started this blog it was based on my decision to tell people about it. I’ve been working my ass off in my free time producing fanfiction in a consistent forum that allows me to express myself. 


To say I’m excited is a tremendous understatement. I recommend all writers or readers to pick up a copy of this book!! This is just the beginning because they are point on with this book. Fanfiction is taking over the world and I am proud to say, I’m part of the charge!! 


I would also like to thank cubbieberry on Twitter for introducing me to Anne Jamison and her amazing book Fic. I would also love to thank my aunt Carmen for buying the book for me imeddately instead of letting me wait until my next pay day to get my hands on it. This expereince has been and still is amazing.

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