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December 12, 2013

I write a lot of chick lit, and because of it I’m always thinking about love and the many different ways we express it. I written about falling in love, losing love, life changing love, defining love, learning to love, looking for love and even a story or two about hating love. You would think with the many times my characters fall in love that I’d be the perfect girlfriend or have the perfect love life. Thankfully, my love life is pretty average.


When it comes to relationships I am a big believer of love being like a pair of great shoes, if someone is meant for you, they will fit perfectly; no forcing, no struggling, and no pain. Luckily I feel like I have that in my boyfriend, we mesh well. He gets my kinks and I get his. We make each other laugh. It’s just that simple. I mean if you want something with a little more reality in it I guess you could say, if you want a successful relationship, find someone who likes the same thermostat setting you do.


A lot people come to me for relationship advice. I’ve been told I’m the kind of person people can feel comfortable talking to and because I write such openly explicit love scenes in my work, no surprise, sex is a common topic. Then again I also say things openly like, “Of course morning sex is better. You haven't spent the day annoying the crap out of each other yet,” just for sake of making someone laugh. I’m a dirty thinker. A naughty “that’s what she said” abuser. I’d even go as far as saying my brain has a vacation spot in the gutter with beach front property.  


Here are some facts about the business of love as I see it. If you don't use your partner as a hand and foot warmer, you're not in a real relationship. Secret Admirers are just stalkers with good PR. If a guy pauses a video game to text you back, marry him. More girls need to start searching for guys who have goals, ambitions & crave success because 10 years from now "swag" isn't going to pay your bills. Don't ever talk to your ex while drunk, booze has information in it.  And heads up men, the history of attractive, sane, & single ratio in a woman has proven that you can only have 2 per female.


Everybody deserves someone who makes them look forward to tomorrow. It just one of those things that helps life not suck so much. Even when love is wreaking havoc on our lives there’s still a small thrill inside you that’s sizzling with the what ifs, could bes and how comes. The unfortunate truth about love is that we act with our hearts, and use our brains to clean up the mess afterwards. No matter how the world changes this will continue to be a constant. So my advice is to be patient girls because even Cinderella didn't find her Prince Charming till the end.


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