Morality Issues and Suspensions of Belief

December 23, 2013

The art of believing in something you shouldn’t dates far back to even before the Bible. Decades repeat over and over in time bringing with them myths, fairytales, folk lore, and concepts of reality.  As an individual you either choose to believe them or choose to not to. For example will drinking a soda directly after downing an entire bag of pop rocks really make your insides explode? Is Santa real? Did he exist at one point?  Is Jesus real? Did he actually pay for our sins? If you lose your virginity is it a rite of passage?


Took a big leap there didn’t I?


Those are all just things passed down through decades left for us to either believe or not. In my opinions these are all writers’ creations. Should we chose to pass them down to the next generation is matter of believing in them. I mean what if the original Romeo and Juliet story wasn’t about two star crossed lovers but about a young girl who went through an arrange marriage and married the prince. What if instead of Romeo being casted as her lover he was a villain who tricked her, raped her, and left her for dead in the tomb?


Isn’t that a different story? One that changing the very meaning of just saying Romeo and Juliet? Well, what if the original warning was if you drank a soda after eating an entire bag of pop rocks you have a orgasm? What is Santa is really the Easter bunny? What if Jesus was just some guy and not everything that name means?


The point I’m making is that as writers no matter what it is that you’re putting on paper you’re adding to a world of writer’s creations. You’re drawing lines that connect assumptions, you’re building work off of your own assumptions and before you know what’s happening, Twilight becomes a national bestselling book.   


To be a writer sometimes means suspending your own beliefs to do something different. I bring all this up because I find myself struggling with a new idea. I want to write a story about gun violence. Not because I believe in it, not because I went through it, or because I have something I want to say on the issues but just because I want to write something different.


I have this idea in mind that been circulating for weeks. The ideas revolve around a young girl who gets picked on a lot and ends up buying a gun. When she buys it she under the idea of committing suicide, she also begins talking to a boy at school. This boy doesn’t know why he suddenly becomes interested in her but he does. They begin to form a relationship despite a high school social caste system that would rather keep them separated.  


As the story goes on through their blossoming relationship her social life becomes worst. People seem to hate her more because of the attention she’s getting from this boy. People get meaner, they outcast her more harshly and in the end this boy who she falls in love with is finally pushed to his limit on the amount of bullying by association that he’s beginning to experience. She finds herself alone again and this is what brings out a means for revenge and this girl who seemed to be making a turnaround brings the gun to school.


 What happens after that? I still haven’t decided and what degree of seriousness this story will take on I still haven’t come to terms with. Writing this story is a lot harder that I thought it would be because it takes stripping away everything I believe in to step into this role. I am not a bully nor was I ever bullied to the extreme that this story would suggest. This would be my adaptation of gun violence. A story that has been swimming around in my head so much that I have started to write it.


The problem is do I want to add to this genre, do I want to shine a spotlight on something so ugly and tell a story that’s so emotional. Children dying is a horrible thing, guns brought to school is a nightmare to anyone who has a child. Can I step into this world without becoming too invested? Without falling into a depression or coming into a rage? Can I write it without crossing a line?


As a writer I am in a standstill, do I brush this story to the side as an individual project? Do I fully commit to this and bring it to my fan fiction collection? Or do I simply add this story to my folder of incomplete works. I don’t know. Normally if I can bang out five chapters without complications I begin the process of it becoming a fan fiction. Once I can hammer out ten chapters of solid work the story goes to online publication.


This story is on chapter two and I having morality issues the size of Texas. Maybe I’m not that kind of writer? Maybe I am only meant to write the adaptations of Romeo and Juliet that are traditionally about star crossed lovers who defeat all odds and come together in the end? Maybe I just needed to get all of this off my chest before I go any further?


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