Excerpt from How I Met My Father

January 24, 2014

Excerpt from How I Met My Father


This excerpt is from a Fan fiction I wrote a long time ago titled How I Met My Father, I recently did some revisions and am reintroducing the story. To read the full story click here.



Alex didn't know who her father was until the summer after she turned 8 years old. It was then that she learned how complicated grownups could be. After nine years Troy and Gabriella rekindle an 18 year friendship. But what about love? What about the changes of the heart?


"I'm leaving back to California in two weeks," she said as she shivered.


Troy removed his jacket instantly and placed it around her shoulders as she looks up at him in shock. It was like she didn't expect him to be so close, in all honesty neither did he, but he didn't move back. "What if I want to spend more time with her?" he asked in low voice not able to take his eyes off hers, "More time with you?"


"Wait," Gabriella blinked as he looked away from then back up at him as she released a frustrated sigh.
"Troy we can't just pick up where we left off," she said holding his jacket closer to her.


"Why not?" he asked stepping closer to her not willing to be turned down so easily.


"Because I'm getting married to another man," she said looking at him with a frown.


Troy felt his inside squeeze tightly as he thought about her being married to someone else, someone other than him. He didn't want to lose that easily, he wasn't going to give up just because she had other plans. Deciding to handle this matter at a later time he closing his eyes he took a deep breath. "How are we going to tell Alex?"


"We can both tell her tomorrow that way she can spend some time with you before she goes back for the school year," Gabriella said looking down at the floor. "I have some concerns for Alex and your career," she said in a neutral voice. "Now that this is going to be out there I have to think about her and what I want her to be exposed to at a young age. Your lifestyle is not just yours anymore."


"I understand," Troy said taking a little bit of offense that she turned down her noise at his lifestyle. "I don't want the press all over her either, but, don't pin that on me because if you would have been honest from the start the sudden surface of an eight year old little girl calling me daddy wouldn't make headlines," he suggested.


"You're right, I know what I did was wrong," she said with a pause, "but I can't change the past I can only change the future." Gabriella voice was sharp and stranded obviously she was upset, and had been crying. With a short nod she looked up at him and stuck her chin out. "I'm trying to fix it."


Troy leaned in closer so that she could feel his body heat. "No one is going to hate you," he said reassuring her. He watched as she shook her head, knowing that she already assumed the worst. Troy placed his hands on her shoulders. "I don't hate you," he said knowing it was what she needed to hear, "I don't like this situation, but we will figure this out."


"Troy, I know this is a mess and I don't expect you to be happy with me but-" before she could finish he cut her off with a kiss, the memories of the past surging to the surface as the tingles from his touch coursed through her. She was instantly lost because the warmth of his touch pulled her in, her hands came up to his chest grabbing the wet fabric of his shirt as she let her body fall into his. The closer she was the more it wasn't enough, any amount of him would ever be enough.


His left arm wrapped around her waist hugging her closer to him as he took a step forward holding out his right arm to feel the wall behind her and brace she from the impact. The moment her back touched the wall and he pressed against her, he couldn't help himself. His hands traveled down her body to her bare thighs his fingers hitching the fabric of the jersey up as he touched the searing hot skin beneath.


He had to have more of her, with a quick movement he bent down swooping her up so his hands were on her bottom while her legs wrapped around him. Their lips still attacking each other's in a kiss that was nothing like he'd ever experienced. This wasn't some random woman he met a club or some girl he was attempting to feel something with. This was Gabriella, this was the girl he felt everything for and mother of his child a thought that gave the moment an erotic charge he hadn't been expecting to feel.


Gabriella felt his lips leave hers and begin trailing down her neck and she couldn't deny the zing of pleasure racing through her. This inexperienced boy next door had turned into a man, a man who had muscles in places that he hadn't before, a man whose sexual drive was obviously more experienced. This innocent little crush on Troy Bolton shifted and she found herself gasping a loud as she filled with something bigger and overwhelmingly too much.


"Troy," she said in a panic, pushing him away from her with small push. "Stop, I can't do this," she said silently when he pulled away, his hold on her loosened and he gently let her down on the floor but he didn't step back.


"Troy, I'm going to marry another man," she said placing a hand on his chest and pushing lightly to put space between them. When he didn't move her eyes came up to meet his. "Please don't make things harder than it has to be. You have to understand that besides Alex and a faded prom night memory we have nothing to do with each other."


"Bullshit," Troy finally said causing her to up a little, "this isn't nothing, don't pretend it is."


"Troy, I mean it," Gabriella said a little annoyed as she pushed at him, "I'm with someone else."


Troy grabbed her right hand bringing it up examining her bare ring finger, looking down at her he noticed the chain around her neck and reached down to pull it from her shirt. A small engagement ring came out and Troy held it between his fingers, "You're with someone whose ring you're wearing on a sliver chain rather than on your finger where it should be. I'm going to take a leap of faith and assume you're not that committed."


Gabriella took the ring from his hands and tucked it back inside her shirt. "It's none of your business what my commitments are."


"My daughter living with some other guy is a very much my business."


"Troy until yesterday you were just some guy," she countered.


"But I'm her father," Troy countered leaning down he came close to her ear, using his hand to brush some of her hair over her shoulder and placing a light kiss on her neck. "This guy doesn't mean anything, he doesn't know you like I do."


"I've changed, I'm not some little girl next door anymore."


"Right, just like I'm not the safe little boy next door I use to be," Troy said hovering over her lips his hand came up gently caressing her side of her face before using his thumb to lightly grace her bottom lip. "Nine years is a long time Gabriella, I'm not letting you out of sight this time."

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