The Pitch

January 29, 2014

If you’re not a creator of something then you’ll never understand the rush. That pit in your stomach that churching as you envision the parts of your masterpiece. The feeling of shifting from idea to idea. Of splashing things on a big drawing board in front of you and watching something that started out as a tiny seed grow into something bigger than anything you could ever imagine.


My biggest tool is music. I use it all the time. I control my moods with it, control the scenes I write with it, and I even control my characters with it. Music is a powerful tool and I think that’s why I like so many different kinds of genres music because it opens up so many different images up to my mind. Music has always opened my third eye. Gets the juices flowing the emotions going the character development going.


Currently, I am working on a character for a new story, she is a closet romance bestselling novelist with a crush on her boss. She works the administrative side of his auto garage. To give you an idea of the story, it’s about a woman who is new to town and she meets Troy Bolton and Jason Cross on her first night when they towed her car out of a ditch.  


She gets swept off her feet by Jason but she kind of always has a small thing for Troy. He never give her the time of day though so she sort of settled. After three years of marriage she walks in on her husband cheating on her and she falls back on good friend Troy Bolton who offers up his couch and gives her a job (Although she doesn’t need it) until she gets back on her feet.


So ever since she came to town on her mission to find new inspiration for her writing, and boy oh boy, did she find some in Troy Bolton she’s kind of lost in this 30 divorced and living on someone’s couch lifestyle. The problem she can’t stop thinking about doing her best friend but she doesn’t want to risk his friendship he’s been so nice about everything.


That’s where I am so far still shaping her character, pretty sure I want her to be a laugh out loud funny kind of girl but I have to gather her material and figure out more of a plot. Got keep listening to music and digging deeper on this one.


But I can smell greatness.  


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