Valentine's Day Advice.

February 13, 2014

As Valentine’s Day approaches us, I just want to make sure that I do my usual public service in educating my friends and readers with my wisdom of love, reality, and romance. I mean come on I’ve been writing stories about people falling in love for 10 years now. I must know something that keeps my readers returning for more? Or I just write really good sex.


Speaking of which, be sure to check out my latest fan fiction Manhunting 101 which will be showcasing a two chapter Valentine's special tomorrow. Also I'd like every one to know we are up to 17,994 views for Manhunting 101 with 44 favorites and 52 followers. All good things! Going to be working really hard in the up coming weeks on my new story which is still untitled but going strong.


Back to the advice.


First thing you need to know is that perfect relationships only exist in thoughts, movies, and Facebook timelines. But just because you haven’t found the one does not mean you need to devise a plan to put faux engagement rings in couple’s drinks on Valentine’s Day and watch the magic unfold (Although that sounds like fun). Instead turn the day on its side and be your own Valentine! No one is ever going to love you as much as you love you and no one will be able to love you unless you understand how to love yourself.


Look. What I’m trying to tell you is, that if you go out and desperately grab at whatever strange you can find, don’t say I didn’t tell you so when you wake up next Mr. Douche Bag of the year on the 15th. I swear, around this time of the year there should be an AFLAC supplement plan for heartbreak!


Ladies and gentlemen while Valentine’s Days is a big deal, and yes when you’re alone it can seem like the holiday is on steroids, but just try to remember it’s just another day. And ladies come on! You’ll eat a little salad to avoid fucking while bloated, wear uncomfortable underwear only for his benefit, try something a little kinkier than usual and by the end of the night you’ll be watching a movie or television hungry. I mean really??


I keep Valentine’s Day simple! Heart shaped pizza and a quiet evening at home. And you know what? Those are the best nights ever. Coming home from a long day, ordering a pizza cuddling on the couch, maybe getting a foot rub? I mean it’s just the small cute alone time that just helps us focus on us. And that’s my advice for couples this year, focus on the two of you. Get some alone time even if it’s for 15 minutes just take that time and watch some TV together, make dinner together, get naughtier and save water and shower together. 


Whatever you do tomorrow just make sure you keep it simple and thank god you have each other. No matter how long you’ve been together or how old you are you should never be afraid to have I love you more wars, or say I love you 20 times a day, and you don’t have to overthink every little thing. Everybody deserves someone who makes them look forward to tomorrow.


This will be my eighth valentines days with Jamie I think our seventh as a couple. Come March 16th we celebrate seven years together. Seven of my best years so far!   


All this being said, good luck tomorrow men.


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