Is Fan Fiction Finally Gaining Credibility?

April 1, 2014

The struggle with credibility as a fan fiction writer is tough. People immediately have a zillion preconceived notions about your work before they even read it. Being a writer in the romance field makes this job even harder. When people here fan fiction they think sex crazed fans who just want to write about their favorite characters doing it all the time.


And while yes, I am a fan of High School Musical, it has never been my desire to really think of the Troy and Gabriella characters beyond what they are on the screen. I am simply using them to play out my own stories. To envision my own characters and plots and bring life to my work. I love fan fiction writing, Because I love taking in all different kinds of media and combining pieces of it together. Taking dialogue I think could be used more efficiently, perfecting a scene I think was over looked and even changing a plot because I want it to end differently.


Changing my work from fan fiction to an actual book would not be as hard as it would be for others. Simply because the influences that I have in my stories are like the bare back outline details. Troy’s blue eyes, Gabriella’s long brown curls, East High, Wildcats, other people’s names. Point blank, a few find and replaces and you’d forget you were reading fan fiction, I promise you.


The influences of Twilight in Fifty Shades of Grey have been downplayed somewhat, but it is certainly in evidence, particularly in the characters characteristics like the clumsiness and naiveté of Anastasia, a character who is as wooden as Meyer’s Bella. It’s not explicitly fan fiction, but it’s in the ballpark.


I mean people forget how mainstream some Fan fiction is like the surprise bestseller Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahaem-Smith.  That book went on to sell like 1.5 million copies in print and digital. Any book that’s a remake, in tribute to, another point of view of, or different at all from the original work is essentially, in a way fan fiction.


My point is that fan fiction under the name of fan fiction will never have the same credibility as publicized work that has all the razzle dazzle that us normal poor writers can’t afford. At the end of the day, you make your own credibility. You build your own fan base, manage all your own sites and media outlets and you just hope that one day the right pair of eyes see you.


The fact is, fan fiction has always been with us in its own way. Some of it is amazing and magically breathe taking. Some of it is gruesome and appalling.


And some of it, is just sexy.


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