Falling For Jennifer

April 9, 2014

I read somewhere once that if you don’t consistently read… you have no business writing.


I 100% agree with that statement. Writing is a lot more than just saying things out loud in your head to piece of paper, or if you’re like me whose penmanship skills stopped developing in the 3rd grade, typing on a word document. Reading is just as important as writing, reading is how we educate ourselves. 


I read for at least an hour every day. I make the time for it, even if it’s on my lunch break or right before bed there is always a moment set aside for my reading time. On the weekends I can spend all day with good book, either researching for a story, reading for pleasure or just making notes on scenes I think are helpful and can help me with my own plot gaps, character flaws or details.


When I moved into my apartment 80% of my things were books. I have a lot of favorite authors. Jennifer Cruise being one of the first authors I ever fell in love with. Before I came across my first Jennifer Cruise book What the Lady Wants I just read books. I was a literary virgin. At that point in my life anything I ever read of literary value was in a classroom where I was forced to analyze every blue chair or symbolism left in riddled clues by the Author.


Which, by the way, as a writer myself. Public announcement to all those teachers out there: Sometimes the fucking curtains in the room are just red because the writer at the moment of creation is looking at red cup. It does not merit a freaking hour discussion! 


Back to popping my literary cherry.


Jennifer Cruise pulled me out of the trashy romance novel found at the grocery store and into this new level of storytelling. She was funny, her plot was exciting, and I fell in love with every printed word. It wasn’t just about boy meets girl, it wasn’t just about sexual satisfaction, not just about falling in love. Her book was so much more. Her characters were real to me, Mitch Peabody and Mae Sullivan were crime fighting detectives that rocked ass.   


As soon as I finished that book I was on the hunt for another Jennifer Cruise creation and to my amazement she never disappointed. I was on a hunt, before kindles, before Amazon became my 2ndbookmark on my search bar, I was going bookstore to bookstore, hunting down her books waiting for her release dates and idolizing her more and more with every story she told.


Soon after Jennifer, came my love for Kristan Higgins, Rachel Gibson, Susan Elizabeth, and Carly Phillips. I looked for books of a higher quality that demanded more. I became a contemporary romance lover. I branched out and fell in love with Yasmin Galenorn, Nickolas Sparks, and Anya Bast.


I love books, I love reading, I love writing and I love everything about love. I’m a romantic, I want to write about it, read about it, and watch love happen on television. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of love. There are too many endless possibilities and it makes me feel all tingly and dopey inside.


That said, feel free to share? Think about it, who was the writer that stole your heart?


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