My Great Leap

April 29, 2014

Nerve wrecked is what the published life is like. I have spent a year working on The Art of Unpacking. Originally it was titled Here Comes Trouble, it than became Learning the Hard Way during the writing process before finally becoming The Art of Unpacking. It’s gone through 7 drafts, one proof reader and lots of my own editing. However, that means there is still a great chance that there are error in there somewhere.   

I should be proud of myself because in the world of writing once it’s a book, that’s an accomplishment, right?  Well, not really. In today’s world putting out a book really isn’t a big deal. After all what is a voice without any reach? In my opinion and I’m sure many others, it’s more about how many readers you can reach out too.

My fan fiction reaches out to a small truffle of dedicated fans. Thank god! I can proudly say that at least 2,938 people read my stories for free online. So what makes this any different? Other than now I’m asking them to pay for it?


I mean in reality when we break it down I post my stories all the time online, I publish all of my work on my own time whenever I submit chapters onto the world wide web. I write. I edit. I distribute. I market. This is has been my life for the last seven years in the fan fiction universe.

I’ve gotten the bad review, the beaming review, the threating ones and even a marriage proposal. What could I possibly be afraid of?

The real world.                                                                                                         

Once you break out of the Fan fiction molding and write something on your own that might merit some literary credibility, nothing can describe the panic sinking into the bones. Is it really good enough? Should I have done one more draft? Should I have made my book free? Should I have paid for editing? Should I have waited another year? Picked another story?

Look. I could drive myself crazy if I keep going. Part of me already is crazy. Truth be told in a big bad way I needed to leap. The Art of Unpacking is my way of leaping in the real world. If I kept waiting until I was ready, I’d never be ready. No one’s first try is perfect, but everyone has one.

This book whether it flops, drops like its hot… or merely drifts along the river of readers… I’m proud of my leap, I’m relieved that I did it. I don’t regret it and once I have the paperback copy out and ready for distribution … I’m ready to market my book while I start working on book number two.


Oh yeah people, I’ve started, I’m not going to stop.

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