Struggles of writing, editing, and Steven King.

May 7, 2014

For me, the strangest part of this self-publishing journey has been telling people that I wrote a book. Mostly, because I’m an online writer who is living a double life under the pen name, Punkpoet69. People who know me socially might know that I write, but they don’t know what I write about or what my process is like. They don’t know me as a writer.


One of the most memorable things said to me so far, was by a co-worker, when I told him I wrote a book he was amazed, he told me “You know there’s a guy who does that, Steven King, I hear he makes a lot of money doing that.”


A girl can only dream.


I think since I’ve put the kindle book out I’ve made changes to it every day since and have re-read at least twelve more times. Not to worry, I officially made, what I am declaring as the last edit to the paperback before I send it out for distribution. I am currently just waiting for Create Space to review and approve the book before I can hit that important life changing button.


This book has been like a time bomb. I feel like I’ve been locked in this tiny room all alone looking at these pages like their wires, with nothing but a pack of gum, a paper clip and some needle nose tweezers. I feel like I just keep combing through it, and finding things. If I let myself, I know I can keep going through it and finding things. I know if I let it my fear control me, I’ll never do it. So I’m dropping it into the world, as is.


I’ve struggled with this project since day one on my own. I have been writing, drafting, plotting, and editing all my own work. The harsh reality of it, is that I’m a poor college graduate. So the idea that I can pay someone four grand to publish my book is ridiculous. The idea that I would pay someone $200 to look at it and edit it is a great idea at best, but I mean come on, I also have responsibilities. Hello? Pay the gas bill or get the book edited?


When I reached out to friends and family for help with editing, I got lots of positive returns, loads of feedback, tons of “we’re right here, just give me the material.” Granted, giving my material to some of them about scared the crap out of me because some of my family members… let’s face it, every village has an idiot.


Well after I handed out the draft, I heard nothing from no one for almost nine months. Trust me, I cried. I thought it was horrible and no one wanted to be the one to tell me. The only other person than myself, to read this story from cover to cover and give me feedback was my little sister. Who knows, maybe I didn’t ask the right people, maybe I expected to much and I completely understand that people have their own lives, jobs, families, and dreams.


In the end it’s a learning experience, one that I will keep in mind when I start the Reborn project. Writing is a process, and it’s also a lifestyle. As a self-published author I can only grow from this experience and keep working on my talent.


At the end of the day, I have stories to tell the world and I don’t know how I’m going to get the world’s attention just yet but you can bet your ass I’m not going to let my stories be ignored.


My words will be read legally or illegally, my only goal in life is to make my voice stand out.



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