Plans, Excitement, & Weight Loss!

June 9, 2014

Let me tell you something about adventures, all the really good ones, the ones that you love bringing up every time you get a few drinks in you… you never really know you’re having one until you’re right in the middle of it.


That’s what I love the most about life. Its unpredictable nature and its profound ways of making things unexpected and exciting. It’s also why I plan my plans to death. Just when everything going according to plan that’s when life throws in a curve ball. In 2013 I consolidated my student debt, I got rid of 4 credit cards, and opened up a 401k. I never been so proud to finish my goals. It’s an accomplishment to see how far I’ve come.


The plan for 2014 … find a new place to live, publish my first book, get healthier. 2014 has been all about lifestyle changes. So isn’t happy supposed to be what you feel when things are going well? Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited, I’m thrilled, and I’m overwhelmed with this deep breath of FINALLY. But, I’m anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop.  A habit of nature I suppose?

Thankfully, we are set to move by end of July into a new apartment. I’ve picked out my color scheme, got my living set, have my bedroom set circled in a cook brother’s catalog and have been on DIY craft attack! As far as my writing goes I’ve published my first book! I’ve been working on my marketing, writing my fan fiction, crafting the next online masterpiece, and working on my next book.


Most importantly, I went see my doctor Saturday morning and according to him I’ve lost 14 pounds since January. My blood pressure is surprisingly normal and so far everything looks fantastic. I’ve been so nervous about going to the doctor because of the stress about the book, moving, and paying the bills. It’s almost been enough to make me think I was going to die from it.


Now I think I’m ready to amp it up. I going to do it. I Anais Maria Torres am going to start exercising. I know… I know.  If god wanted me to touch my toes he’d have put them on my knees! Trust me I’ve been thinking about this since for three whole days. It’s a whole new level of commitment. I’ve gotten this far on cutting out the junk food and soda. I’ve been eating better and less.


But I’ve also been more active, going to the park, playing outside with the dogs, going for walks, I can’t help but wonder how better I’ll feel if I just commit to some daily exercising. So I’m going to do it. Squats in the morning and a little Wii Fit Plus Activity when I get home from work. I can do this.


I know what am I so afraid of right? Well my life is an adventure and it starts with good intentions and I just hope I can stick with it. I’ve made it this far. So I’ll just keep taking it day by day. 


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