Running With The Deadlines.

June 25, 2014


Did you know that a deadline was a once just a line drawn around a prison’s structure and beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot?


Makes you think about why we call due dates, deadlines?


These days I feel like my life is one big deadline after another. With our moving date looming closer and may apartment getting smaller which each box I pile up in a corner, I’m beginning to wonder if everything is going to get finished in time. I’m also beginning to worry about affording the cost of living for the first few weeks when we transition from one apartment to the next. There’s just so much to do and I’m worried it might affect my deadlines for the book and for my fan fiction.


On top of moving Book 2, which I have named Being Brave Again is almost complete with the third draft and will soon be sent to my editor. The cover work is done, formatting needs some tweaking but the story is solid and shaping up very well. I'm very happy that I choose to work on Reborn as the next book. It does follow the original plot but it holds up to on its own. I think. 


The most problematic deadline I see coming up this month will be keeping up with the Friday postings for Not Quite Dating and the drafting of Inescapable the newest fan fiction for online publication. Simply because by July 31st I have to be moved out of my current apartment and moved into my new one. I still have a lot of packing and cleaning to do at my current place, while we still have a lot of stuff to do at the new place to get it move in ready.  These next two weeks I have to produce as much content as I can because once we start dismantling there’s no telling when I’ll be up and running again.  


So how do I plan function?  Simple I get in the zone.


Getting in the zone is a tool that many writers use, and I think explaining it could be beneficial to my fellow writers out there who struggle during crunch time.   


The main point about getting in the zone is thinking about it. Mentally organize and think about developing your "story.” You can turn off the cell phone when driving, walking, waiting, etc. I normally hide mine in my purse for two hours when I get home from work so I can focus on my writing. My boyfriend normally isn’t home until two hours after me so it helps because I have that time.


I find that it also helps to keep a notebook to jot down thoughts on development and good phrases you hear in passing. I sometimes watch television with a notebook, or watch a movies with post it’s in front of me. Even while reading I highlight and take notes. There is always something I fall in love with, something I want try my hands at, or something I want to save for later as reference.


What also helps is talking about the topic. I know this hard for a lot of creative writers because people can be … well they can be jack asses. But trust me, your approach can benefit from having a live person react to your "story" or project.  I bounce all of my idea off of my boyfriend and if the feedback is unclear, I ask for clarification. I know that it’s hard not to get defensive, not to argue.  I mean this is practically you’re child and someone’s calling it ugly, but try your best to make a note of there suggestion and move on.


Having a designated distraction-free area to help you write will always go a long way. When I sit down at my desk I know it time to work. Unfortunately since my desk is in the living room I also have to use headphones to block out whatever my boyfriend’s doing or watching.  Hopefully when we move and I get my office this will improve. It’s always easier to organize everything that you’ll need to avoid hunting and disrupting your process.


Then write your heart out. It’s just that simple. 


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