Loving The New Me.

July 1, 2014

Life on a diet is hard, but not as challenging as I thought. The food for example isn’t the worst part, which is what I feared the most. When I hear the word diet I can’t help but think “oh my god I’ll never have another cookie again or I can’t put salt on anything.” In reality I just use a little more moderation for my salt and I have a cookie limit with my glass of milk.


Surprisingly I’ve actually found that I like the healthier foods a lot more than some of the crap I was putting into my body. To be fair by biggest guilty pleasure was probably ice cream and Slim Jims. Since then I eat a lot of humus and crackers, apples, oranges, crab meat, veggies, sandwiches, salads, even some ramen noodles for after work snacks. I find that I feel better about my body, more energized and task orientated. And I’m also just drinking water these days with the occasional beer or two at a social gathering.


Granted the cravings for a Coke still linger but have almost all gone. In fact, I’ve found that drinking soda makes me really gassy and I burp like every five minutes after drinking it now. So I just avoid it. Parting with cake is horrible. I mean candy is one thing but cake!  Oh my lord sometimes when I’m desperate I have a piece cake with a glass of water and scrape all the frosting off. And anybody can tell you … the frosting is the best part!!!  Urg, sometimes life without candy, cake, chips and soda is like breathing without getting any air. Especially when it’s that time of the month.


Life is miserable when I have cravings, or when I have the munchies. Every case of the munchies that come to mind is always something I can’t have! Lord knows I want be healthy but why can’t he make chocolate cake without calories?? WTF


As for exercising I have begun doing a 30 day squat challenge. I’m currently up to 135 squats and from day one to now, HUGE difference. My flabby thighs are more firm my behind has more curve and my inner fat girl is squealing for joy! I’m not sure what to do when the thirty days are up, maybe keep up with my squats. They are super easy to do and I do them in sets every time I go to the wash room at work throughout the day. I’m a work out beginner after all.


I also have a Wii so I’m doing some Wii fit activity. Basic steps, jogging in place, yoga. It’s not every day and all the time but it helps out. It gets me going and I love doing the yoga. All in all my clothes fit better … well all except my pants. They seem to be on the baggy side these days. My confidence is up and my motivation to keep going is there.


I feel better in my own skin. In the long run, I think that this is just one more tool to help me out in my journey as a writer because the better I feel the more I’m going to explore and soar in my writing. 


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