Moving Boxes, Ex-girlfriends & Writing Wisdom.

July 11, 2014

Moving is not only emotionally trying but it’s physically draining. Right about now, I might be beyond the limits of my mind. In fact, at this point, it might be inside one of the already packed boxes shoved inside my closet.


One of my consistent problems is that my to do list just keeps growing like that three headed monster on Hercules that kept sprouting faces. It seems like once I cross one thing off the list, five more things pop up in its place. Between the reminders to fill out a “change of address” form with the post office, notify the utility companies and get my new license plate from the dealer at some point in this life time, my brain is tired. Not to mention I still have to finish the draft of my book, finish the last few chapters of Not Quite Dating and get on top of the Inescapable project (My next online story.)


Life as a writer isn’t easy, especially during the summer. Nobody stays in during the summer, there’s a family event every weekend and sometimes being tied to my desk is a little depressing when I’d rather be outside tossing a tennis ball around with my dogs. Especially now during the move and packing process, I’m beginning to wonder if I should take a vacation from online writing until all of this is over? The other half of me worries about my readers. How many will I lose? What will happen when I’m not streaming constant content?


So it’s a theme for today, life as a writer sucks sometimes. Especially when the fiction you’re working on hits close to home. In my online story Not Quite Dating the main character Gabriella is struggling with her life as a writer and wondering if maybe her dedication to her dreams is why her marriage failed. For shits and giggles to make the story move along and add comic relief I brought her ex-husband back into the picture.


Funny things about exes … Unlike George Strait we all can’t get lucky enough that they live in the state of Texas and we’re overjoyed that we never have to see them again (Unless you live in Texas, sucks for you.) These days with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other millions of social networking apps out there… finding someone or running into someone is as easy as picking up milk at the grocery store.


When it comes to ex-lovers, the way I see it, you had your shot and you blew it. I know every situation is different and as a writer I’ve written form both sides of this two headed beast. I written about lover reconciling, hidden children, arranged marriages, fake arrangements and even a few about cheaters. Still, in my personal opinion, once you’re an ex, I just rather not go there.


As for my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. My first reaction towards her was that everyone has a past and every situation is different. How I handle my past relationships wasn’t how should expect everyone else too. 


Boy, was I stupid. This ex-girlfriend has no respect for our relationship, no idea about boundaries and no filter about what she decides to say in a public forum. Now I am not a violent woman, I do not condone the beating of any woman, but, if I got the opportunity to shake the shit out of this one … I would.


Now my boyfriend gives me nothing to worry about. I trust him as far as where his heart belongs and his sexual appetite remaining at our dinner table. Most importantly as a writer who has written many different types of love stories I know that this is what truly matters.  My boyfriend and I are with each other, and have been for the last seven years. We’ve grown up, we laugh, and we have long conversations about all the little and big things in our lives. Quite simply we love each other like crazy.


As for her … all she has is memories.

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