Taking Leaps & Seeing What Happens.

July 28, 2014

3 Days till Moving Day.


Let me tell ya, you don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go and see what happens.


As you can imagine there are boxes everywhere in my already cramped one bedroom apartment. My things, no matter how hard I’ve tried to keep track of them, are lost and will probably not be found or organized until end of August. No idea when my computer is going to be unpacked. Truth is once we move, we still have some painting to do before we unpack fully.


I think the hardest part about this move has been my family. On both sides. My boyfriend’s father, for whatever reason has decided to that during this time was the perfect time to make his hatred of me apparent all over my Facebook Page. He’s been blocked. I don’t know what will happen going forward but who knows. I think this might karma for how horribly my own parents reacted and treated my boyfriend in the beginning.  The old “what goes around, comes around.”


Of course, according to my parents they accepted him with open arms and the soundtrack of angels played in the background whenever he walked through the door.  


Another hard part about this move is that my family wants desperately to be a part of every step I take. And never really in a positive way. They want to worry about all the same things I have to, remind me about all the pros and cons that come with my new living situation. Essentially my biggest problem at the moment is that there many people playing head of household.


I’m not saying that their help isn’t appreciated, because it is. I can’t do this alone, and having my family included is always the best feeling ever. The problem is that they came into the situation, I’m not even moved in yet and their already complaining about everything. Their trying to override the landlord, override my decision, change where I want to put things, and tell me when I have to pack things.


Moving is already stressful and it could be a lot less stressful if had some more positive “everything will work out” feedback instead of fifty reminders of things that aren’t done yet. I went to college, I have some general knowledge of common sense, so here’s a thought. Let me worry about my head of household problems and you worry about helping me find curtains that match the paint? I mean is that too much the freaking ask for??


No, instead my family is filled to the brim with the coffee cup of opinions and staggering comments. I get it, essentially they’re just worried about me and they want what’s best for me. Well, right now what’s best is helping out with the last few things that I tell you need to be done and offering your opinion a lot less.


Chances are my family will never be happy with every decision I make or everything I do in life. They will never understand my methods but, to be fair my method has always been to take a leap and build my wings on the way down.  So far … 26 years of greatness!


At the end of the day, the reasons we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel. What people don’t focus on is that change requires taking a leap of faith and sometimes that leap is the only transportation you got.    


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