Inside Peek at Inescapable

August 13, 2014

I've been working here and there on Inescapable. Which is a Fan Fiction I have in the wings to go out after Not Quite Dating is done. I can't help myself and I have to share an inside sccop with you guys because not posting is driving me nuts!!! LoL 


Troy tapped his steering wheel as he watched the Paxton parking lot from a distance. Lifting his coffee cup to his lips he winced as he took a sip of the already cold brew. His jaw locked a slightly and he shrugged the feeling off as he looked back up at the parking lot. The same station wagon was parked outside since nine this evening after her shift and he was determined to be here all night if he had to.


Someone was following her, he didn’t know who it was. He had a pretty good idea who but until he was absolutely positive who was driving the mysterious dodge challenger he couldn’t be too careful. Reaching for the file on the seat next to him he opened it and looked at the information inside it. He ran a background check on one Gabriella Catania the moment the license plates information came in. Surprise, surprise when Gabriella Catania and Gabriella Montez turned out to be one and the same.


Of course it was something he had to see for himself. The minute he looked at that photo and saw that face looking back up at him, he dropped the file on his desk and headed straight for the dinner and that was when he saw her through the windows. Following after Betty like a lost pup taking in everything she was being told and occasionally glancing over at the little boy in the booth by the third window.


His head was still spinning from the whirlwind of memories that came roaring back to the present just from the sight of her. She was the perfect sandstorm of regrets, wishes and possibilities. Looking at the empty parking his memories began to slip back through the years, back to his first encounter, back to the first time he saw her walking across the school parking lot.


“You’re not even going to try?” Gabriella turned around walking backwards as she faced Kelsi.


Granted he wasn’t listening in on their conversation on purpose he just happened to be walking by at the time. However there was just something about the way she spun around that just caught his attention. Her curls spun out in this fan like twirl that kept going even after she stopped. It was then that he notice the light brown in her eyes, the way they glowed with excitement, mischief and innocents all at the same time.


“No, because I don’t have a death wish.”


“Oh come on, it a school play not massacre,” Gabriella assured her as she pleaded for her friend’s corporation.


“No, it’s worst. It’s a musical. In front of our entire High School class,” Kelsi shook her head, “seriously I’m not into it Ella.”


“You worry too much about what other people think. It’s going to make you wrinkle Kelsi.” Gabriella turned to back around facing front again depriving Troy the view of her soft features but giving him the amazing view of her backside that seemed to sway with just a little sass and charm.


“I can live with premature wrinkles,” Kelsi laughed. 


“You say that.” The girls were quiet for a moment as they continued make their way to the bus stop. Troy came to a stop in front of his truck pulling his keys from his pocket while his eyes remain glued to the petite little waist that seemed to be unknowingly taunting him.


And then she turned towards him offering a small wave of her fingers, “Next time take a picture.”


His lips pulled into a smile and in that small second he been shot right through the heart by over assertive, take no prisoners, brown eyed, gorgeous sophomore.


Troy looked back across the parking lot the passing of random ford truck chasing away his thoughts of that girl he once knew. His eyes shifted through the dark shadows.


His cell phone buzzed in his pocket and he ignored it for a moment as he looked up at the curtains to her room that remained still. The buzz continued and he let out a sigh as he reached into his pocket. Looking at the screen he let out a groan and slid the green bar across the screen.


“Sheriff,” he said leaning back in his seat.


“You’re going want to come see this.” Taylor’s voice came over the line crisply.


“What is this and where is it?” Troy huffed as a movement from the room besides Gabriella caught his attention.


“We got a dead body in the woods by the Miller place and it’s a weird one.” 


Troy shot up instantly turning his car on, “Damn it Taylor, Why were you called first?”


“I don’t know, you’re fathers out here. I figured I’d clue you in before the crime techs and the M.E. got here.” 


“Thank you.”


Troy threw his cell on the dash and turned on his sirens on and taking off down the street at full speed. As soon as he approached crime scene the wheels of his car spinning to a screeching halt as he wasted no time opening his door and getting out.


“What the hell is going on?” Out here by the wood the night was thick with dense, impenetrable fog and he was walking quickly towards one of his deputies.


“Mr. Miller was out looking for his dog, when he found him, said the dog had been sniffing around the body.”


“Why wasn’t I informed?”


The first deputy gulped and looked at the other one standing nearby who quickly rocked back on his shoes, “Habit we guess.”


“News flash! I’m the Sheriff not my father.” His sharp tone echoed past them purposely reaching past them towards any onlookers who still might also be confused about the change in command.


“Now, now, it was a simple mistake. Don’t go getting all drill sergeant on them,” his father’s voice came from behind and Troy let out a sigh as he swung around to face his father.


“Does ma know you’re out here?”


“Does anyone know you’re out here?” he countered with a huff as he walked past him jotting things down on a clip board.


Troy rolled his eyes and followed suit, “What do have?”


“It’s not pretty, thick cloud of flies, pungent scent… that body’s been there a long time Troy.”


“How long?”


“Two or three days maybe, decomposing in this heat.” Jack handed the clipboard over to Taylor, who was talking to someone in a windbreaker jacket. “Something really strange about this one though.”


“What’s that?”


Taylor sighed as she turned to stare at them both, “That would be the satin blue ribbon that we found wrapped around the body with a large grotesque bow planted right on the chest plate.” 


“Excuse me?” Troy said looking at the two of them. “You mean to tell me there is a blue ribbon attach to a body out there like it’s something you’d find on a gift box.”


Taylor’s frown lifted a little as she looked at Jack’s notes, “It seems like our killer thought it was funny that Christmas come a little early this year.”


“Victim is male,” Jack said looking back in the direction he came from, “You want take a look for yourself?”

Troy watched as the crime techs began unloading their equipment, “I might as well do something while I’m here.” 


Jack watched as Troy disappeared behind three of the crime tech guys on their way to the body. “He’s having a hard time adjusting.”


“So did I,” Taylor said quietly as she jotted down some information. “Being the district attorney after being dinner girl for so long isn’t easy.”


Jack let out a huff as he placed his hands on his waist. It was weird being on a crime scene out of uniform.  To be honest it was odd being on a crime scene at all, Highland Meadows hadn’t really been a hot bed for crime since the 70’s. The mention of a body found on the miller property was had him out of bed and in his car before he even realized he should have called Troy first.


“I just talked to the Doc, he’s coming in. Says he’ll work all night if he needs to, to complete an autopsy.”


“Right,” Jack looked back at Taylor brought a hand up to his chin rubbing it a little in puzzled wonder. What change could have brought a murder to Highland Meadows?


“Did your deputies find anything near the body?”


Jack let out a breath as he tried to bring his focus back to the present. ”Nope. In fact, their taking a short break and then their going do another search along the scene with the techs.  See if those black light pick up anything.”


“Well if you need me you know where I’ll be, tell Troy I’ll be by in the morning with more information.”


“Will do.” 


PLEASE tell me what you think so far. 

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