October 3, 2014

Inside Inescapable coming out 10/6/14


Of coursed she enjoyed every moment of it. Every time they were together, Troy found a way to touch her, be close to her. Even when they were arguing, which was most of the time, there was a sexual tension humming between them what wound tighter and tighter.


But then that night at the Thompsons happened and she been haunted for so long by that one explosive night with Troy Bolton that the slap of what happen next still stung vibrantly as it had all those years ago.


Gabriella walked up the drive way quietly as she seen him working on his truck. He was always working on his truck.  “I accidently took off with your sweater last night,” she said quietly as she handed it to him.


Troy looked over at her almost as if he were uncomfortable with her being there. “You didn’t have to bring it back.”


“Is you’re father home?”


Troy looked behind him at the house and then back at her, “No.”


“I’ve never been to your house before she said quietly.”


“Oh.” If she expected a tour, she was doomed to disappointment. She was a tease. A gorgeous tease, with soft skin and a softer mouth. He was not about to sign up for a repeat of last night and risk another lecture about staying away from Gabriella Montez.


“So…” Why was she so chatty, and why did she care? “I leave the day after tomorrow.”


“Well, then maybe I’ll see you around sometime.” 


Gabriella dropped her arms to her sides, “I doubt it. They say I’m heading for Chicago.”


Troy frowned. Lord she was beautiful. All her sun kissed skin, brown eyes and bouncy hair. Wearing a shirt that left a sliver of her mid-drift exposed to him.  “Good Luck.”


Gabriella felt her inside trembled with the cold hard slap of rejection. “Too bad.” She pulled her rosy lips into a frown. “I thought we could at least be friends.”


“I’ve never had a female friend.”


She smiled and pointed at herself.


His gaze followed her hand pointing at her breast beneath that thin blouse and lacy black slip. Last night, she’d pushed her breast and crotch into him, and he’d about gone off in his pants like he was fourteen again. It’s what made him follow her past that no trespassing sign. “I don’t want a female friend.”


Her smile fell. “Any female or just me?”


He give about anything to relieve that moment before his father’s deputy had shined his flashlight on them. Then again did he really want a friend who he was dying to get naked? “Just you.”




“Ella, I don’t want to be your friend because there ain’t nothing friendly about the way I want you.”


Gabriella breath hitched as she looked up at him. He noted the brief reaction of shock and pleasure in her brown eyes before it faded away into a cool stare. “Oh.”


“Come on,” he said closing the hood of his car.


“Where are we going?”


“Somewhere more private,” he said with a hushed tone. 


Everything inside started to hum to life with the memories of last night. Without a second thought she followed him as he led her into back yard. They walked for about fifteen minutes in silence. Then they stopped in front of a live oak.


“Take off your shoes,” he instructed. 




He pointed up.


“I’m wearing a skirt,” she pointed out.


“I’ll help you. It’s not hard. When I was younger I nailed some steps on the other side of the tree and built a fort up there.”


“Is it safe?”


“You bet.” Troy smiled and motioned towards the tree, “You first.”


“Are you going to look up my skirt?”


He chuckled, “I’m going to try like hell.”


He helped her to the first branch, and they climbed higher. Up more steps, higher to the next cluster of branches. Gabriella stood on the last step and peered over the top of the large platform secured in the thick limbs. “Will this hold me?”


“Of course,” he put his hand on the seat of her behind and shoved one time pushing her onto the platform.


She looked down at him. “Thank you.”


He grinned wickedly. “Anytime.” He hoisted himself up and helped her to her feet.


“Are you sure this is going to hold both of us?” she questioned him.


“Of course. I know how to build things that last.” Leaves overhead casted lacy patterns and shaded parts of his face as he reached out to her and pulled her closer to him. 


“Why are we up here Troy?”


“Why do you think?”


Gabriella smiled as she looked up at the branches with a slight smile, “This is romantic.”


“It is,” he murmured as he slid his arm further across her waist and brought the front of her skirt to rest against his zipper. “You didn’t come here to return my sweater did you?”


Against her pelvis, she could feel just how romantic he felt. She could feel the heat flooding her cheeks. She was pretty sure that’s why she’d come. And maybe to catch one last glimpse of him if she could. “Then you tell me, why did I come here?”


He lowered his face and softly kissed her lips. 


Her breath caught a little in her throat and she lifted her breast.


“You know what happens if you stay?”


She nodded as she looked up at him with slow smile, “I do.”


Be on the look out for this story coming to FanFiction. For more samples of my work check out my Fanfiction profile by clicking here. Or look me up as PunkPoet69


Follow me on Twitter @Punkpoet69 for all the updates and free funny. 

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