Matters of the Heart in Storytelling.

November 24, 2014

I can’t speak for all writer’s but I can speak for this myself when I say that some genres are impossible to get right without some plotting, scheming and careful Post It placements. While others are kind of looser to deal with. For example it has taken me a lot of research and time to come up with Inescapable. Not only is Gabriella character for that story a victim of domestic violence, but she was also a mother, and a woman on the run. The research done on her mental impact from that abuse as well as the effect it plays on her parenteral instinct has been exhausting.   


It not only about researching the characters, but realizing that everything that happens to her has a cause and effect to this little town that she’s hiding in. I had to figure out before the story began who was going to die and who wasn’t. Set up a list of people who would be injured what characters I was willing to sacrifice for the story and in what order that had to happen.


A drama like Inescapable has been a challenge. An exciting one, a time consuming one. I think the next story I write will be something looser.  Something like Not Quite Dating that flowed freely from one chapter to the next. I’ve been playing with another marriage of convenience story, something of a role reversal. We’ve all met the millionaire tycoon who’s so powerful and commanding in the boardroom but what if that person was a female. What if the rich and powerful was a woman calling the shots.


I’ve been tinkering with the story, got four chapters so far and it’s about a woman who needs a green card to stay in the states and gets the help of a man who works in her company as an IT tech. He’s of low class and average life experience. Paying off massive debt, living off roman noodles and he approached by this woman. Imagine that dynamic a man has to assume the position of trophy husband.  A hard pill to swallow for some men.


A Marriage of convenience story is tricky. It’s been done A LOT. I’ve played with it myself in Under the Tycoon Command and Just the Beginning. I flirted with it a little bit in The Cinderella Deal but all those times it’s always been a man in power. I think, it may be time to flip the script a little. 


Another idea that’s come across the table recently is the story of a woman whose father is a serial killer. This story would be much like Reborn, not so much about the tragedy that has happened to her and her family, but about her life after the fact. How do live your life after your family name has been dragged through the dirt. When you and you’re family have been splatter all over the news attached to what society considers a monster. 


How do you find love? How do you trust? How do you deal with the remorse and embarrassment of that lifestyle? Honestly I don’t have much else on this idea but a million and one questions, but I think it could be an interesting path to travel.

The thing is that this story about the daughter would be another story that chalk full of plotting, scheming and Post it placing galore… could I pull off two stories that challenging back to back? Do I write the fun easy going story that flows from chapter to chapter with a little bit of sexy fun? Or do I get a little dark and moody and travel a road less traveled?  


If I’ve learned one thing from my years of writing all these different types of stories and plotting is that if you don’t write from the bottom of your heart, you’re only half-writing. So I guess it’s a matter of time before my heart decides what story to tell.   


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