This patience thing takes forever.

December 26, 2014

I’ve always found myself writing during my free time and sharing it with people online. And when I say free time, I really mean to say, every night before bed and any time I had between classes and homework. The last twelve years of my life has been about fan fiction, writing blogs, or poetry.


Until one day, when I decided to step it up.


If there's one thing that I've learned it's, that I should have learned way more than one thing before I initially decided to publish a book. However, I do not regret it. I've been many things to many people, the only thing I hope to never be is a regret.


When I signed up for a Wix account, I had no idea what to do with this blog. The only thing that I had decided was that I wanted to write a book and self-publish it. I also knew that I wanted a place to talk about it. Mostly because the people I’m normally around don’t talk about this kind of stuff.


For me, it was the hardest thing in the world to admit that I wanted this for myself. Everyone always says that writers never makes it in the real world. No one makes a living doing what they love. The writing life is lonely. You will be rejected dozens and dozens of times.


One of my college professors always seemed to hate my work. My grammar was horrible, as a special education student with a learn disability, I hated how easy it came for others and how hard it was for me to grasp it. I just wanted to write so damn badly and there just always seemed to be a big fat no way sign hanging over my head.    


Until I heard Kevin Smith, the director also known for his role as Silent Bob say “Why not?” That was the game changer. Smith said “If you're alive, kick into drive. Chase whimsies. See if you can turn dreams into a way to make a living, if not an entire way of life.” And he’s right! Why not? We only live once? Why the fuck not?


I highly recommend his book: Kevin Smith, Tough Shit: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good


So I opened my account with Wix in 2012, tinkered with it a bit, picked it back up in 2013 as a blogger and then redesigned the page in 2014. Wix has allowed me to create my own website without needing to know all the code I’d have to go to school for or pay someone to develop.


For Christmas, my parents unknowingly brought my website domain. This is a huge step in my little self-publishing world. This blog is now located on! How cool is that? I have a domain name. A direct link to me that I can put in my books, on my profiles, and on my new business cards.  


With this domain name, I can get more visibility! I can spread the word about my book releases with the awesome e-newsletter that you can subscribe to on my home page. Wix makes is super easy for me to customize them and it’s going to be so useful for announcing book promotions, updates, sales, and new projects.


It’s feels amazing to have something so real and legit. It takes years dedication before you can make a living writing creatively full time. I think it all evens out over time. The best advice I can offer is that every writer needs to find a way to allow themselves that time, time to mature into your writing. Time to figure it out and learn from your mistakes. 


I’m still taking time. I’m still learning. I’m still aspiring, and the journey is amazing. 


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