Marketing For Bestsellerdom

January 22, 2015

Many people view marketers and advertisers as one small step above dog shit, and as someone who’s been door to door selling ATMs and fixed their share of windshields in gas stations lots. Let me tell ya, people have justification. 


I’ve had my share of strange employers and I’ve also done some things that, till this day, still make me cringe. I’ve gone without my glasses to make a sale because some told me that wearing them made me look shifty. I’ve climbed on top of 1997 Ford pickup truck to fix a windshield while receiving a ticket for doing business without a permit. I’ve been called names, hung up on, had the door slammed in my face, been sexually harassed and pushed once. All in the name of marketing.


Misdirected and overbearing marketing are probably some of the greatest crimes in the corporate world. After all there is a reason that we all believe there’s a special place in hell for telemarketers. The reality is when your objective is to get people to buy something from you, you walk a thin line between damning your soul and overly irritating someone. This thin line is my yellow brick road to bestsellerdom.


In the “real world” traditional marketing and advertising is rather restrictive in what you can do, but when you’re online the world of marketing runs a little differently. That’s right, the invention of the internet has made a bunch of tools and ideas available to people like me who are marketing books. Mostly because this means we’re free to experiment with different kinds of marketing strategies. 


With the release of Being Brave Again less than two weeks away, I am experiencing a traditional launch for the first time. I’m using social media to let people know that the book is coming out on February 1st 2015, and I am hoping that this will lead to a bigger opening week than my first book. 


Recently I added the cover art and blurb to Goodreads in hopes that it gives people time to get it on their To-Read lists. I hope that this will increase my visibility on search engine sites. I’ve also started pulling quotes from my novel, which is another effective way to draw people into the story.


On Facebook I have joined many promotion groups as well as writer’s groups. However I must stress to you guys to read the group regulations before promoting your book. Some groups are a promotion free zone and others are all about it. Don’t be that jerk, they will kick you out.


I’ve been posting Instagram pictures and testing out hashtags. Hash tags are a powerful tool in the online world, especially for marketing and branding. They may seem confusing and unnecessary. But they are integral to the way we communicate online, and it’s important to know how to use them. Hashtags allows you to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords. For example the themes of Rape Survival, and Victim Recovery are strong in my book. So, if you wanted to post about Rape Survivors, you would include #RapeSurvivors in your tweet to join the conversation.


Another thing that I’ve done is ordered 10 give away copies of the book. I’m doing a Goodreads giveaway with four of them and if that goes well maybe another one. I plan to take two books to my old high school, not sure about my college yet. I hope that this works as a way to gain exposure for my book. People like freebies, I like freebies and I would really like to have people spread the word about my book.


When I published the first time I just hit the publish button and went live instantly. (Kind of a now or never moment in my life.) Marketing and branding was an afterthought. This time around I’m a tad bit wiser, I know very little but in the DIY business I’m my own marketing, PR, and consulting team. I work my day job while keeping up with all things #BehindThePages and let me tell ya, if I didn’t have my sister and my cousin. I’d be lost. Support really does make this creative venture go round.

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