February's Turn of Events.

February 17, 2015

I don’t know if it’s a wise tale or not but I think it was said that you feed a cold, starve a fever and give PMS anything it wants. This is a very true statement. If it’s not already a wise tale, then here I am submitting it to the wise tale makers.


PMS can make a difference in life. I could probably look like Jessica Alba if it weren't for PMS. Well PMS, Nicholas Sparks’s movies and chocolates. The whole situation blows really.


It five days of: “Leave me alone.”, “Do not touch me.”, “I don’t want anything with nutritional value in It.”, and “Could you please stop breathing on this planet.”  


Not exaggerating. Especially, for those of us who have multiple personalities in our repertoire because our hobby is storytelling. It’s hard to be a writer. It’s even harder being a woman.


For being the shortest month of the year, February sure has been eventful. Being Brave Again, came out on Amazon, FINALLY. There was a giveaway on Goodreads. Sales have been steady. I’ve already receive a 5 star review from some NOT related to me. Suddenly Sexy has gone live on Fanfiction.net and people love it. I found out that my parents are moving to Phoenix, Arizona. … Yeah big one. I know.  


My parent’s, like most parents define the term crazy. But, at the end of the day they’re still mom and dad and now mine are moving away. Am I happy for them? Yes. Am I hoping this all works out? Yes. Am I going to cry the whole first week their gone? Yes.  Will my mother still annoy me by calling every day? Does a bear shit in the woods?


Another update this month is that my household grew in members to love. We got a Veiled Chameleon as a pet. My boyfriend has wanted one ever since we met and we finally have the space for it. So I gave in. 


Rowanvale Books approached me about help for marketing Being Brave Again. We had some discussions on Twitter and that turned into e-mails. At first I was hesitant because their services come at a cost and I really don’t want to just pay someone when I’m not entirely sure what I’d be getting in return. Then out of the blue they put me in a six month, completely free writing course, Rowanvale Writers' Club which seems to be a dedicated group of writers, all working towards the same goal: finishing their manuscript.  


Each month, they'll set a task, a word limit, and some accompanying tips, and all I have to do is submit my written entry two weeks later. They'll be posting submissions on the Rowanvale Writers' forum, where I’ll receive encouragement and feedback from fellow writers in the group, as well as from our team of Writing Advisors.


So I haven’t made any decisions about marketing, but I have decided to participate in the writing program. Let see what happens. So far I am interested in what they have to offer as an independent publishing company. They provide a lot more than publishing services, like editing, cover design and illustrations, e-conversion, print, marketing and global distribution.


Just hope I’m making the right choices. 


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