I Hate Deadlines.

March 12, 2015

Being part of this Rowanvale spring/summer writing program is probably going to be a disaster for me. I don’t do all these steps that they require before actually writing. I usually just start writing by taking a bunch of notes putting them on my wall and making a story of it. Call it chaos and madness, but people like my work.


This whole assignment giving and having a deadline hovering over my head that I have to turn in is exhausting on top of everything else I do. There still is no guarantee that I’ll get feedback on what I turn in because apparently I have to read through others submissions and comment before mine can be considered for posting/edits. Trust me, I’ve been on the site, I’ve read two post, if I could figure out how to comment I would.  


They’re taking all the joy I have for writing out of my writing and they’re making it labor intensive. Writing is something I do to wind down. To take the edge off my day. To entertain myself. I do it at my own pace!


Here’s the thing, when I finished my second book I thought about taking the summer to just work on my fan fiction and slowly piece together my third book. A lot is happening this summer.  My parents are moving away. I’m working out more. I am particpating in a Walk Now for Autism. (May 16th 2015). My little sister is graduating college. This is the first summer with an actual yard for barbeques. This book requires a lot more research. I have to take some time to work on my marketing and put a little bit of that razzle dazzle back in my eye about self-publishing in general.


After reading all those legal books and factoring in my new to do list before I can publish book three my brain has kind of imploded on itself.


I wanted a break. Some fun time. And while this program is exciting, new and what should an amazing opportunity, has me dragging my feet and kicking at random rocks on the floor in a five year olds “I don’t wanna,” tantrum.   


I have no idea what I’m going to do.


But I will keep everyone posted. 



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