Taking a Break.

September 20, 2015

As many of you probably know by now, my parents are moving to Arizona in November. What you’d be surprised to know is that my little sister might be moving in with us.


Now I know what goes though a lot of people’s mind. I’m expecting that I’ll hear a lot of other people’s opinions. Fortunately people’s opinions don’t pay my bills and rent.


We have the extra room, my office, which I’ve always assumed I’d lose at one point for example if we had a baby. So it’s not really annoying, plus I’m in my office mostly on the weekends in the early morning while everyone’s sleeping. So moving my computer into my kitchen nook really doesn’t change anything. In fact… I’ll be closer to my coffee maker.


As for affording it, our rent is a flat fee and the man in charge is perfectly fine with it. The only actual change we’ll notice is the grocery bill. She has her own job, life, and transportation. As long as she pitches in for food, we can afford it.


My sister can be stubborn at times, but we’ve been through a lot together. She’ll have her space and we’ll have ours and I’m sure things will be rough at times but it’s human nature to not agree on everything. I’m not really worried about it.


As for the writing, I want to get back into poetry, writing more blogs, working on my third book and in order to do that I have to put my online fan fiction on back burner. I hate it, mostly because I love telling stories, but I’ve noticed a decline in reviews and followers. It might be time to pick a new fandom. It might be time to give it up. I’m not really sure what my gut is telling me at this moment. I just know that it’s speaking.


I need time to figure it out. Understand that figuring it out might mean in a month I’ll be blogging about my new fan fiction.


For now there are a lot of things happening in the months of October and November. I promise you that I will be writing, but I’m not sure I can promise that I’ll have the time for proofing, editing, cover work and posting on a Friday routine. So there will be no fan fiction stories for right now.


Even though my home office will be moving into my kitchen nook, I assure you I will keep writing, posting blogs, working on my poetry and drafting my third book. You might see some short stories pop up from me, who knows.

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