Third Book Update.

November 23, 2015

So I haven't brought the picture yet, but I am pretty confident that this is the cover.


The Title is for sure, The Reapers Daughter.  


Here is the draft for the back of the book, looking for feedback. Maybe color suggestions and let me know if the book seems interesting.  


*Color on the cover pending.  


*I am currently on chapter nine. Forseeing thirteen chapters.  


Contrary to popular belief, serial killers aren't usually loners. In fact, many of history's most notorious murderers had spouses and children.


Emma Wolf is haunted by the victims of her father’s crimes and plagued with the idea that she might be just like him. Given the option to participate or watch from the distance Emma always thought the more isolated she was, the safer those around her would be. She isn’t entirely sure what’s next for her after high school, to be honest she hadn’t really counted on surviving this long. So when her Aunt finds out she’s been invited to join the kids from her local church for a week-long trip to South Padre Island she pushes Emma to go.


Only Mitch Dillion, a popular student with no defined plans for the future, crashes their road trip and along with him comes all of these new crazy experiences. Now she has a fake ID, she’s going to clubs, kissing boys, and learning the difference between flat iron and a curling iron. Then out of nowhere Hayden Bennett, the pastor's son who has great ambitions and nothing in common with Emma decides he wants to be more than her friend.


Years of invisibility had not prepared her for boys looking right at her. What would happen when they find out the truth? Would everything fall apart? Would she always just be the daughter of a serial killer?


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