Book/Fanfic Update

December 30, 2015

Super excited! I have been working on this book for about year and even took a online writing hiatus to complete it. With my parents moving away, my sister moving in and all the hoilday fuss it been a magical talent to find the time to write.


So here it is the third book. We have a proof copy in the house, the editing process is happening. 


Guys I'm feeling good about 2016! 


New back of the book:


Contrary to popular belief, serial killers aren't usually loners. In fact, many of history's most notorious murderers had spouses and children.


Emma Wolf is haunted by the victims of her father's crimes and plagued with the idea that she might be just like him.  Given the choice to participate or watch from the distance Emma has always thought the more isolated she was, the safer those around her would be. She isn't entirely sure what's next for her after high school; to be honest she doesn't really know who she is.


So when her Aunt finds out she's been invited to join the kid's from her local church for a week-long trip to South Padre Island she pushes Emma to go. Now she has a fake ID, she's going to clubs, kissing boys, and dealing with a hangover.


Years of invisibility had not prepared her for boys looking right at her.



On the fanfiction side of things I am working on a new fanfiction called Welcome Home. It is somewhat of a Christmas story and also somewhat based on true events in my life.


This is still a work of Fiction. I mean the names, characters, places and incidents have either been made up completely or used fictitiously. Take it as you will, currently I have 10 chapters written and as I go into my Birthday Vacation weekend I am sure that is bound to change.  


This story is about a woman in her late twenties who comes home from getting her college degree. She’s finally a registered nurse and she’s looking for work. Unfortunately with student loans looming in the distance she beginning to feel hopeless that she’ll ever find a job.


She finds out that her family is practically falling apart. First, father has a secret love child he's been keeping secret all their life. Then her younger sister is in a relationship with a man 10 years older than her! Gabriella feels as though she’s in way over her head, not only is she gaining an older sister but now she's an aunt of two little ones and might be a sister-in-law to one very creepy dude.


When her best friend Troy comes home from the army, she’s so excited he’s home safe and sound. What begins as a slight distraction from her real life starts to snowball into a full-fledged relationship and before she knows it he’s in the hospital and handing her a ring.


Where oh where did things go wrong and will she be able to survive Christmas without pulling all her hair out?!?

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