The Pet Peeves Thing.

January 4, 2016

Nothing makes my skin crawl more than going somewhere and running into some random person who thinks that they have my next big idea. Now mostly I don’t have a lot of things that irritate me, but I’m human and far from being a saint so I do get annoyed at times with people and other things.


So here’s the thing, just because I am a writer, doesn’t mean I’ll write anything for anyone at anytime. Sigh. I hate working on resumes. I’m everyone’s go to for anything that needs to be written and people never give me the right information. Sometimes I spend a few hours researching their life, their job descriptions or whatever materials I need to do the task. It’s like getting a homework assignment.


Here’s another thing, I’m happy to help my friends with the occasional ride to the store or emergency babysitting, but when I’m expected to leap into action at a moment’s notice…yeah, that’s a problem. Double sigh, As a writer it’s never easy to find that time during the in-betweens of life to write. Chores pile up, dinner needs to be made, the dogs need to be fed, I work a day job eight hours a day and need to sleep for at least eight hours a night to function. So yes in my four hours of possible me time in-between all that, I’m dying to help you do your chores.


And of course there’s more… I cringe listening to people tell me ‘you should write about me.’ If your life is that compelling:

  1. Write about it yourself.

  2. Find someone who writes non-fiction.

  3. I do not write non-fiction.


I wince when something horrible happens to me and someone says ‘you should put that in your next book.’ Tell me something I haven’t heard a million times before. 


I get annoyed when people who have obviously never read my book want me to struggle along in this one sided conversation about the book. A book that they have no intention to ever read. If you don’t give a shit about my work, stop forcing me to pretend you give a shit. You think I can’t tell? I can.


I get irritated when someone says writing fan fiction is stupid, yet turns around and talks about how great Fifty Shades of Grey was. I’m not even gonna go there. 


I can relate to the doctor at the dinner party. You know the one, that guy everyone goes up to with questions like: ‘what does this look like to you,’ ‘if I do this, why does this hurt,’ ‘I have a cough and it hurts when I breathe am I dying?’  


So there it is… just a few pet peeves.  Like I said I don’t have a lot of things that irritate me, but I’m human and far from being a saint so sometimes… I rant.

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