Creative or Crazy?

February 6, 2016

Writers spend lots of time with the characters they create, so it should never come as a total shocker if a writer suddenly seems to have multiple personalities. 


No offense to the actual crazy, insane, loony or committed.


A writer is probably the only person who’s crazy without actually being crazy. That’s right! We have a loop hole and we call it creative. 


Writers can have up to a hundred imaginary friends. Growping up I only had one, his name was Peter and he was about 3 inches tall and always sat on my shoulder. We talked about everything, we talked about people, places, things were thought were cool and he always loved my stories. No, I wasn’t crazy. I was creative.


As a writer I enjoy the ability to talk about my subconscious as a separate person. My boyfriend has witnessed this many times and many times he shakes his head in confusion. You see I thought that the story would go one way, but my character argued with me until I agreed to do it his way, now I’m stuck. No I’m not crazy. I’m just creativity solving my problems.


Writers can talk back to the voices in their head. We are licensed to do so because of all the characters fighting for our attention. So yes, of course I’m talking to the voices in my head.  How else could I find out whether or not the story is going to end on chapter fifteen or twenty?  


Writers can allow their characters to possess them, like multiple personality disorder. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have fallen victim to my experiments of social interaction. It’s like running lines, only I’m making things up as I go and I’m mentally writing down everything you say. It's like a live action testing zone. I’m just getting into my character’s head so I know what they’re thinking.


Writers can have a god-complex, thinking that they control the universe. Here's the truth, I do control the universe…in my stories. What’s the problem? 


Being a writer is like one of the best things in the world that I would never give back, I mean come on? I get to do all of this crazy stuff … without being committed. 


Honestly, it’s all for the greater good. The more in tune I am with my imaginary-friends-slash-characters, the better I can be at making the story believable for the reader. How else can I make a reader believe in my character, setting, or situation, if I don’t believe it myself? 


Even my villains become some of my imaginary friends, because if I have a good, well-rounded villain, I can sympathize with what drove them to their decisions.


I ALWAYS have to make my characters real to me before I can even begin to make them become real on the page.  If I can’t figure out where to take a scene, it’s because I’m not listening to my characters. Yes this is true. Just as much as actors have “method acting”, becoming the character they’re playing, writers do the same thing.


I mean if you think I’m crazy, I’d have to correct you.  I am just very much in fact, a writer. And because I am a writer I take the time to listen to my characters. That’s the only way I’ll discover things about the story that I would have never thought of on my own. 


The characters in my head are always much funnier than I am.  And sarcastic.  And noble.  And generous. And able to admit when their wrong. (Not me, I don't do that crap.)


So forgive me if I sound like a crazy person when I speak about this world I am part of, I'm not crazy, I’m really just creative. 


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