Discovering Adorkable

May 9, 2016


There is nothing passive about the way I take in the world around me. Music, film, pictures, words … I like to believe that I thrive where ever the stories are told. I strongly believe that Ideas are everywhere. It’s what we do with them that matters.


Writers need to read. A lot. Magazines. Books. Whatever you can get your hands on you read it. As writers we need to grasp the art of language, to appreciate the finer points of words. As we read, we should jot down ideas and capture thoughts as they come. Nothing inspires a writer like reading someone else’s words.


Cookie O'Gorman writes YA romance to give readers a taste of happily-ever-after. And last Saturday she gave me probably one of the best Saturdays I’ve had in a while, followed by an even better Sunday. On Friday afternoon after reading the synopsis I brought O’Gorman’s debut book Adorkable and seriously, I could not put it down. I had to run errands with my boyfriend and I read this book in the car on my phone in-between destinations. It was so good.


True to form as a writer I read with my finger constantly highlighting my favorite passages and making notes on passages and conversations that inspire me. I almost highlighted the entire book.  The main characters were perfect together and the story was fun and interesting. I probably suffered from one of worse cases of 'just one more chapter' syndrome by reading this book.


Even when we got to the movies to watch Captain America: Civil War I sat in my chair reading your book until the lights went out. Picked it right back up in the car on the way home even! Adorkable is an adorably cute young adult contemporary romance. It had my inner dork smiling and cheering for Sal the entire time. Sure, the main characters were a little clueless, but they were completely, well…adorkable!


One of the roles in being a great writers is to share. Not just their own knowledge, ideas, and expertise. They also share the work of others and credit them accordingly. As a writer, you’ll find yourself hitting plateaus and roadblocks when you aren’t reading. You’ll run out of words, if you’re not regularly being challenged through books and other material.


As important as it is to write every day, it probably just as important to read. Which brings me to Sunday. Fueled by my passion from Adorkable I was able to plow through seven chapter for the next online story, making this weekend not only enjoyable but productive as well.


The newest story is a racy one, a college student who is finds herself not in a fake relationship but an all too real one and totally by accident. Gabriella is not the party girl her friends want her to be, never was and won’t ever be. As a phone sex operator, she just wants to stay in and read her Jane Austin novels she never even imagine she’d catch the eye of the campus big bad. Or that he’d be so blunt about what he wants … her. Preferably covered in black lace.



I’m so excited to put the finishing touches on my third book and then release it to you guys, I can only hope that maybe somewhere out there my stories might light a fire in someone else.

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