Hosim Aviax H2O waterproof Drone

June 14, 2016

Overall pretty awesome quad-copter and for the price ($36.88) it's great for playing in all type of elements. It’s really smooth to fly and it gives a vibe of being slightly more expensive than it is even during its initial presentation and use. The kids really loved it and it got a lot of attention at the park. Lots of “Mom check that out,” “Mom I want one,” “Oh my god, that’s so cool.”


One of the first things to note are the propeller guards, which are both very helpful and very tricky to put on the drone. It took about an hour to assemble, on the bright side it gave the batteries time to charge. This was mostly because the pieces were tiny and my boyfriend needed a well-lit space to assemble the drone.


These guards are amazing because they help to save your propellers if you hit walls or other objects (And you will if this is your first time). While flying our drone we notice that if you hit anything hard enough these guards do bend back and forth and can get in the way of the propellers so you might have to do some adjusting as you play.


A second thing to note is that practice makes perfect. If you are looking for starter I would highly recommend this drone. It reacts well to the controller and it was very easy to learn how to fly it, that’s not to say we were flying like a pro day one. I think we crashed it twenty times in our initial 8 minutes. This thing can seriously take a beating. Even a little scratched up it still looks bad ass. 


As for how waterproof is it? I really don’t know and it hasn’t rained for us to test it and I don’t see myself flying it in the bathtub. My dog hates the sound of the motor on this thing. I think it would be fine in light rain but I wouldn’t feel comfortable submerging it.


Finally just as a suggestion, it might be a good idea to get a power bank. We had about 9-10 minutes fly time on each battery. Mind you we also weren’t flooring the lift offs and zooming through the park. We were practicing out take off and turning maneuvers, we also managed a kick ass flip! I suggest getting a power bank so you can charge the other battery while you are flying this quad especially if you’re like us and travel with your drone.


If you're interested in this Drone use this link:  https://www.amazon.com/Hosim-waterproof-Headless-Quadcopter-Explorers/dp/B015H9VHQ4

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