So, The First Parts Over.

July 6, 2016


Writing a book is hard work. It’s taken a whole year working on The Reaper’s Daughter just to get this point. And now that it’s written and out for pre-order, it’s only going to get harder. This is struggle. The real nose to the floor grind. The book launch, giveaways, distribution planning, marketing material, book reviews, pulling quotes, piecing together blurbs, and updating all the media platforms… it can be as exhausting as writing the book.


With each book release, I’m getting a little bit better at the art of indie publishing. However, make no mistake, I am not an expert yet. I think for every four steps I take in the right direction, I still manage to trip over my own two feet at least once.


No matter what, writing a book is still one of the greatest feelings in the world. Like, holy shit-munchkins, it’s a book. That I wrote. This thing that I birthed out of my head-womb! That people can buy! It’s the best thing ever. At the same time, writing a book is insanity. There are times I read the back of my cereal box and think: I’m fucked, my book is fucked, we’re all fucked! This is the fucking bookpocalypse for me… fuck fuck fuckable fuck.


As a writer in the digital age of self-publishers, sale charts and DIY marketing it’s best to remember that this isn’t why I write. Book sales are not the reason that I tell stories. I tell stories because I like to tell stories, not because I like to sell books. Sure, it would be amazing to write a bestseller, to be as famous as Stephen King and never really have to work again. No, writing for me is drowning in the art. I roll around in it like a dog covering herself in sweet, sweet stink. It’s not that I don’t care about being published. It’s not that the money is meaningless. The money is a lifeline. I have a great job that I drag ass to every morning just to support my writing addiction.


That’s what writing is for me. An addiction.


And so whether I sell four million copies or whether I sell forty, I keep going. I’m going to keep taking my shot. Keep writing my books, my fan-fiction, and my blogs. I don’t find satisfaction in the high of putting my books out but in the power of doing what I do, day in and day out. It is the work that sustains me: the work of taking a dream and making it real.


I don’t write to be published but rather, I write to write, and to be read.


The Reaper’s Daughter will be available for sale on July 15, 2016


Stay tune for more updates from yours truly.  

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