Aimee and the Heartthrob (Backstage Pass #1) By Ophelia London

August 15, 2016

 This book was a bit of a challenge to get through. I have my reasons. 


First off this book is a fluffy and adorable story about finding love, which is also something that the imprint Entangled Crush has promised from the beginning, which I really appreciate. I've been reading most of these books in three, to maybe five days. Half way through this one ... I couldn't take the corny and cheesy. I had to take a break, then mental brace myself. 


As an avid reader of Young Adult genre this book struck me as maybe too Young. I'm aware of Fan fiction, personally I live with one foot in that world so maybe I'm tainted but this book felt very much like a Fan fiction story.  


I would say that this book was a great teen story with all the teenage angst and turmoil set against the backdrop of a boy band’s tour and the backstage shenanigans involved in all of that. For someone younger this is probably a fun, relaxing read. 


Personally, the Hulk metaphor made me cringe.  The fact that these kids got away with as much as they did made me skeptical and the LJ guy ...  he's odd. He didn't seem to do as much as I wanted him to and he was a pretty weak bad guy. 

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